8 thoughts on “What’s Your Cyborg Name?”

  1. Moon is a Harsh Mistress is one of the ones on my bookshelf that I need to get to. Heinlein is always a hard one to recommend because of the sex in (some) of his stories. Not sure if there is much or any in Moon or not. He was, in my opinion, a wonderful writer but he really had that ‘utopian’ idea that the future would consist of alot of ‘free love’ as it were. Time Enough For Love was a book that had alot of themes that really spoke to me…the main character was part of a family that was essentially immortal (they could chose to die) and he was depressed over the loss of so many loves in his life. In telling his story there were some really romantic, touching chapters to his life. But there was A LOT of sex in that book and some Oepidal Complex stuff so I NEVER recommend that book to anyone! 😉

    Oh, and I’m a Cybernetic Artificial Repair Lifeform.

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