Wolverine in ’09

According to SciFiWire:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, starring Hugh Jackman, will release on May 1, 2009.
Wolverine will explore Wolverine’s violent and romantic past and his complex relationship with Victor Creed and the ominous Weapon X program, as well as his encounters with other mutants.”
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6 thoughts on “Wolverine in ’09”

  1. I hope this turns out to be better than Xmen 3. That was so disappointing, while it could have turned out to be one of the best comic-to-movie adaptions ever.

    I’ll watch anything though with Hugh Jackman in it 😀

  2. As an X-Men fan, I am sort of worried when they mess around with it too much. Going back in the past just bothers me in general, I do like the fact that they have the same cast. Look at Batman, for example. A bunch of different actors have played him and they hardly ever look the same, and my favourite part, race changes! Commissoner (sp?) Gordan is white in one movie and black in another! I am all for equal roles for all nationalities and races, but for the same person to have a race change, that’s a bit weird!

  3. Haha… I know what you mean about character changes Kailana. I believe you’re referring to District Attorney Harvey Dent and not Commissioner Gordon though. In the first series of Batman movies, Harvey was played by Billie D Williams (movie 1-Tim Burton), then when he was actually Two Face Tommy Lee Jones took over.

    Maybe if Burton was still directing he would have kept Dent, but alas Burton had enough of Batman and moved on.

    I’m thrilled that they’re staying with Hugh Jackman for the Wolverine roll, but I don’t know how much creative license I can take in dealing with the Wolverine origin. It’s been so cluttered over the years, and Marvel is only just starting to rectify the mess in the past few years.

    I won’t say I hated X-Men 3. I just think they tried to do way too much. Just like in Spider-Man 3. Stick to one story arc. In X-men 3 they tried to cover the mutant cure story line and the Dark Phoenix all at the same time.

    Why not just go Dark Phoenix? There was enough to work with there. In Spider-Man 3, Venom was all the villain the movie needed. The Sandman story line was forced so that all of a sudden he played a random role in Parker’s origin. Totally unnecessary.

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