Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, by S.D. Perry and Britta Dennison

Thousands of years ago, the Greek god of war, Ares, was bound by Zeus and captured by Themyscira. Themyscira is now an isolated island of Amazon warrior women. But when Colonel Steve Trevor crashes lands on an island that appears out of nowhere, Diana’s mother decides that it’s time to reach out to the twenty-first century world. And Diana is chosen as their ambassador. But when Ares escapes and begins causing chaos and destruction, Diana dons a familiar red, white, and blue outfit and becomes Wonder Woman.

In an adaptation of the animated Wonder Woman movie, we get a glimpse of Diana’s origin story. Diana is an Amazon princess, strong, beautiful, and fearless. Steve Trevor has an instinctual attraction to her, and wants to help her adapt to the modern world. In a strange mixture of Greek mythology meeting the modern twenty-first century, there are larger-than-life gods facing realistic human characters. And it’s a lot of fun. With loads of action scenes and drama, comic book fans will not be disappointed.

As a strong, independent female, Wonder Woman is a role model for all women. And the animated film novelization is no exception.

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