Star Trek: Troublesome Minds

Star Trek: Troublesome Minds

Star Trek: Troublesome Minds, by Dave Galanter

Stopping an unknown vessel from destroying an unarmed one, the Enterprise unknowingly puts itself in the middle of an interstellar conflict. The Enterprise has saved a man named Berlis from death by the hands of his own people. Berlis is from a telepathic race. And according to the Isitri, Berlis can control people with a thought. To make matters worse, a nearby race is ready to commit genocide against the Isitri, if they discover a “troublesome mind” like Berlis is allowed to live.

Captain James T. Kirk must choose the lesser of two evils – killing a man who claims to be innocent, or letting him live and condemning an entire planet. Kirk doesn’t have much time to come up with a plan when Berlis escapes and leaves behind a confused Spock. The build of suspense paired with such a moral dilemma, makes for a wonderful installment of Star Trek. True to form, the crew of the Enterprise becomes absorbed in global conflict and face it with skill and creativity.

Galanter has come up with a new and exciting challenge for the original crew. And I was more than impressed. The characters are relatable. The predicament is thought provoking. And overall, the story was completely enjoyable. Original series fans, don’t miss this latest Star Trek release.

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