Working for the Devil

Working for the Devil, by Lilith Saintcrow, is the first in the Dante Valentine series.

Necromancer Dante Valentine makes a deal with the devil. Dante must hunt down and kill a rogue demon. In exchange, Lucifer will let Dante live. It’s not much of a choice. But when Dante realizes that the rogue demon was the one who murdered her friend years ago, she becomes all the more eager to hunt down the killer. With a lesser demon tagging along for protection, Dante will be getting into more than she bargained for.

Dante Valentine is a headstrong, independent, and powerful necromancer, able to raise the dead. When trouble comes her way, she faces it head on. And only grudgingly accepts help from others. She’s a complex character who sometimes seems to have a death wish, but also feels deeply for those she cares about.

Working for the Devil is a very dark and gritty urban fantasy, with plenty of action and suspense. Danger lurks around every corner, as everyone seems to want Dante dead. Saintcrow has created a unique futuristic society blending magic and advanced technology. With more heartache than romance, the story is a cross between a crime novel and an early Anita Blake book.

I’m looking forward to the next installment, Dead Man Rising, to see what’s next for Dante and to get another glimpse into Saintcrow’s original world.

14 thoughts on “Working for the Devil”

  1. I love these books, love Lilith’s voice. I’m really glad that the wait for the next two (I’ve read the first three) won’t be as long as the wait in between the first three. Lili does an amazing job of putting her characters through the wringer but somehow bringing them back through the other side!

  2. I loved this book. I also love the fact that it led me to all Lilith Saintcrow’s other wonderful books. I’ll be interested in your review of Dead Man Rising.


  3. Angela – The new publisher is probably pushing for those faster releases. I need to hurry and catch up! I’m glad the publisher was kind enough to send the first 2, so I could read them before reviewing the 3rd for it’s release next month.

    CJ – I am surprised I waited so long to pick up her books.

  4. I’m really looking forward to reading these now. I’m glad that you liked them! You are the only person I know who has read them so far.

  5. I read this awhile ago and thought it was alright. I think I’m a little burned out on some of the urban fantasy. This one was at least a little more imaginative but there are so many books that have sassy female leads right now that I’m kind of ready for the next trend.

  6. I couldn’t wait for book two to come out. I gobbled it up and bawled like a baby. It took me on an emotional roller coaster that I didn’t want to end. I’m anxiously awaiting book four.

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