Young Bond: Blood Fever

Young James Bond: Blood Fever, by Charlie Higson, is the second book in the Young Bond children’s series.

Thirteen year-old James Bond is pulled into another adventure. This time, James stumbles upon a dangerous secret society at his own school. When his teacher and some of his classmates decide to visit Sardinia over a break, James tags along. He has a nearly takes a fatal fall at their archeological dig site, and James suspects one of his professors. James then leaves his group to stay with his uncle who lives nearby. But danger soon follows, and James discovers a conspiracy involving the secret society, pirates, and a power-hungry monarch.

In this second Young Bond adventure, there is even more action and suspense. Blood Fever definitely has the feel of a true James Bond story. James gets captured, (mildly) tortured, and even has a girl to save. Higson has done a wonderful job of staying true to Bond’s character, while making him a much more innocent young man. And the secondary characters are remarkably vivid and exciting. Both children and adults who love action and adventure will love this series.

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  1. My dad loves this new series as much as I do. And as an added bonus for children, there was a not-so-hidden history lesson in this book.. just as there was a science lesson in the first. It reminds me of the Young Indiana Jones books from years ago.

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