13 Things I Learned From Watching Star Trek

I’ve shared 13 Things I’ve Learned from Watching Star Wars , 13 Things I’ve Learned from Watching Battlestar Galactica, and 13 Things I Learned From Watching Quantum Leap in the past. Here are 13 Things I Learned From Watching Star Trek:

Kirk Dying
1. No one stays dead forever. Unfortunately.

Red shirtMore red shirts
2. Don’t ever wear a red shirt on an away mission.

3. Tribbles are the perfect pet. No head, no rear end, and no waste. Low maintenance. That’s my kind of pet.

4. Got too many tribbles? Stop feeding them. Or just toss them out the nearest air vent. (Works for other pets too. Trust me. There is no PETA in the future.)

5. No budget for weapons? No problem. Just glue together a tiny plunger to some metal boxes.

6. They had to recycle all those unused garage door openers somehow. Mine only works within 10 feet of my house, but somehow their communicators work out in orbit.

7. The Romulan Commander looks an awful lot like Spock’s dad, Sarek. They went to the trouble of giving him Romulan/Vulcan make-up, but they couldn’t disguise him at all?

8. Why is everyone staring at Spock? Well, have you seen the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins?

9. The appearance of a giant space amoeba is only slightly more intimidating than a Tholian web. And by “intimidating,” I mean “ridiculous looking.”

10. Got a hot date? This may not be the best way to impress her.

11. Some fake ears and straight eyebrows are a great disguise. No one will notice you. Bet you can’t tell that that’s really Kirk underneath that disguise.

12. Right after fighting, Kirk and the Gorn resolve their differences and embrace to show there are no hard feelings.

13. Kirk got around more than the Enterprise did.

35 thoughts on “13 Things I Learned From Watching Star Trek”

  1. Muahaha… #1 is, I think, my fave, although it’s hard to pick.

    As to the Bilbo Baggins thing… uh, I hadn’t seen that before. I kind of wish I still hadn’t; it’s… um… wow. I mean, what can you say about that? lol

  2. This great!

    I just found out there is a Trek Expo in October about an hour away (Tulsa, OK)! I’m going to go with a few people from work. Should be fun!

  3. LOL! These are great. My husband has a T-shirt with a list of “everything I need to know, I learned from Star Trek,” but it’s not nearly as amusing as this list.

  4. I am just ROARING over here that is hilarious. And #7 ya I thought so too when I saw that episode. HEY THAT’s SAREK!

    And the straight eyebrow ear thing. Hilarious.

    Also Klingons in a few episodes didn’t have the head thing.

    There’s also a weird episode about the creator of the warp engine (can’t remember his name right now) living on a planet with a female keeper alien who takes over the body of a dead female. Did he … I mean when in the movie First Contact he didn’t seem the type of person as he was in that original episode. COCHRANE that;s the name Zephram Cochrane. Ok enough of that. Hilarious post.

  5. I must confess, I’m not a Trekkie….but those are great. Especially the one about the low-budget weapons. LOL.

    My TT’s up–the first in a long while–about my favorite Movie Spoofs. Come by and share your faves!

  6. “Don’t ever wear a red shirt on an away mission.” My favorite! The Sam Rockwell part in “Galaxy Quest” really plays on this bit of wisdom.

  7. #13 is so true. If only they could see into the future to see what Capt’n Kirk would look like and they would not have made out with him at all. EEk!

    Thanking my fellow TTer’s this week. Come get thanked!

  8. Leonard Leonard-you would do just about anything for a buck wouldn’t you?!
    And the Gorn? Kirk would kiss ANYTHING!ewww
    And you have to admit, the communicators then look just like the cell phones we use now!
    Since I am a trekkie, I LOVED it! Have you seen the iszcheezeburger(sp?) take off on star trek? Classic.

  9. This TT had me cracking up! I had no idea that Leonard recorded a song called “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins”. Two movies that you should check out if you haven’t already are “Free Enterprise” and “Trekkies”. I caught them on one of the premium channels a few years ago and really enjoyed them. They made a sequel to “Trekkies”, but I haven’t seen it yet.

  10. I’m late, but it was good to come here. Star Trek, yay! The red shirt on an away mission, or some previously unknown character coming along… watch out! 🙂
    My new kitten Maia took over my TT to introduce herself with 13 pictures.

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