5 Obsessions

Christine tagged me to reveal five things I obsess over:

1. Books – I’m a reading fiend, but I also have to buy almost every book I read. Since I enjoy more than 90% of them, I usually don’t mind this obession. And I rarely ever buy at cover price. Amazon, Bookcloseouts, Borders, Half-Price Books, SFBC, Zooba… I do my part to keep them all in business.

2. Favorite TV Shows – Like Christine, I could have put Stargate (SG-1 and Atlantis) down. I’ve seen every episode of both series. And have all but the latest seasons on DVD. But I’m like this with several other shows… Quantum Leap, Remington Steele, Dead Zone, The 4400, etc. Even if I’ve seen every episode, I have to buy the DVD sets too. More than likely, I’ll rewatch them, but I definitely spend more than I should.

3. Planning vacations – I love packing a week ahead of time. I have what I’m going to wear all planned out for each day, down to the shoes. I also make lists of everything I need to pack, so I don’t forget anything. Which I more than likely will anyway. I’ll forget to add something to the list. Once I actually get there, I won’t feel so stressed. But the night before, I won’t get any sleep… just feeling anxious and excited.

4. My skin – Not just my complexion. But I’ll obsess over the tiniest mark on my skin. Knowing that I could get some wholesale private label skin care products to help out with it is nice, but making sure I look my best is important too. Have to be honest, I’m hoping I’m not getting any age spots or wrinkles yet. You know, especially since I just turned 30… 😛 I mean, I could always look at Beverly Hills MD and check out their collection of creams and serums to make me look EVEN younger, but I’ll give it a few years right now and then see where I am in the wrinkle department. One of my friends has already shared with me her extensive skincare regimen which includes anti-wrinkle creams and other products. She said she went through quite a lot of Dermal Repair Complex reviews before coming to the conclusion as to what might work well for her skin. I’m not sure if I’m ready to do such comprehensive research yet. When the time comes (which is not right now), I know that I might have to use something like a Polyphenol Dark Spot Diminisher. It is known to have Polyphenol Dark Spot Diminisher ingredients like deionized water, resveratrol, fruit extracts, and seed oil. I have heard that the skincare solution can help minimize the appearance of dark spots and give the skin a revitalized and age-defying look.

4. My website/email – At work I find myself checking these way too often. It may just be when I’m bored. Maybe I just need the break from answering difficult proposal questions (part of my job). Since I rarely check the website and email when I’m home in the evenings and weekends, I’m not too worried though.

5 thoughts on “5 Obsessions”

  1. Your first two I plead quilty to also. My home is filled with more books than I know what to do with. I find it so hard to give up a book. And I keep adding to tv shows on dvd. I love them. If it’s a show I like I buy it. I’ve actually bought some shows that I never saw at first, but the price was low enough to take a chance. That’s how I first got sucked into Buffy. I tried her first season and loved it and there was no going back.

  2. Ok, I saw your picture on your 30th. YOU DON’T LOOK 30! My goodness girl, I look 30, I have bags under my eyes, pale face. I look tired. I got called Mame the otherday.

    I have to agree with the book obsession that’s another one for me too.

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