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I received the following email from an NBC promoter:

Hello Angela,

Only 19 days til Heroes’ new episodes start airing, and the suspense of all the cliffhangers set up in “Parasites” finally ends. Until then, I wanted to point you and your readers towards the first part of a preview of Episode 19, hosted at NBC’s Heroes MySpace page:

The second part of the clip is on ItsTimeToSaveTheWorld.com, along with a contest your readers can enter to win a trip to LA and a Heroes set tour. Both the first and second clips are scheduled to go live at midnight pacific time tonight. (That was last night.)

You’ve probably heard about this already, but the auction for the original artwork in Heroes ends Wednesday at midnight PST. The site is here: www.nbc.com/Heroes/auction

And if you or any of your readers missed the first 18 episodes, they’re all available for free on NBC’s site, but only temporarily—after Chapter 19 airs, the site will only have the current week’s episode. Here’s the URL for the episodes:

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you’ve got. I look forward to hearing from you.

It’s time to save the world,
360i On Behalf of NBC

I’ve watched every episode so far, but this is great news for those of you who missed an episode or want to start watching now.

8 thoughts on “Heroes News”

  1. This is the only show this year that I’ve managed to make sure I watch every episode. It helps having it on their site cause I’ve had to watch a few that way, when I just couldn’t watch it on tv. I love this show.

  2. Angela, I got that same email too (well, not with your name but mine) and I was like what is this? So I googled the man’s strange name to see if this was something legit or some kind of spam. I even went to 360i.com.

    Now since you got it too, I’m thinking this is the real deal. But isn’t kind of scary how precisely they can target SF & Heroes fans like that?? Marketing has come a LONG way.


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