All Together Dead

Murder, mystery, and mayhem abound in Charlaine Harris’ 7th addition to the Southern Vampire series: All Together Dead.

This time, telepath Sookie Stackhouse is headed to a vampire summit as sole witness to the murder of a vampire king. But when a room full of vampires are killed almost as soon as she arrives, Sookie realizes she’s in more danger than she imagined.

Meanwhile, Sookie has a lot to deal with on the relationship level. She feels torn between her feelings for Quinn, the weretiger, and Eric, the vampire she’s bonded with (whether she likes it or not).

Trying to put her emotions and feelings aside, Sookie must quickly discover who may be behind the attacks and potential assassinations before her enemy’s plans are executed.

As always, Harris’ characters are vivid and exciting. Sookie has changed a lot since the first couple books, as she finds herself in such horrific situations as the story progresses.

Even in such a popular subgenre as vampire fiction, Harris’ Southern Vampire series stands out as one of my all-time favorites.

9 thoughts on “All Together Dead”

  1. Saw this in the bookstore yesterday and just knew someone from the gang had to be reading it. I really enjoy all the cover art for Harris’ books, each and every one of them has been very fun.

  2. So what do you think of Quinn? I think I like Eric better… there is just something about Quinn that feels like he won’t stick around. He didn’t seem as into Sookie as he was in the last book. Or is that just me?

    These books are some of my favorites too! 🙂

  3. Katie – Eric is definitely my favorite. I just can’t get over that time he had amnesia.. they need to get overthemselves and get back together already!
    I’m not into Quinn at all. He just seems like a “filler” love interest until Sookie realizes what she really wants.

  4. It’s a relief to hear that Charlaine hasn’t lost her touch. I’ve loved the series but I’m always afraid that after so many books, a writer will get tired or simply run out of idea.


  5. He is filler!!! That is the word I was looking for and it’s perfect for Quinn!

    I think she’ll have to end up with Eric. I think he is really perfect for her. But I hope the book has more too it. This one seemed short somehow… but maybe that was because she left so much open. The next book should be good.

    Wonder what the vampires will do with a legless queen? and plus Quinn killed that vampire for her! Maybe he dies and Eric has to comfort her?!!!

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