Rogue Angel: God of Thunder

The newest installment in the Rogue Angel series, Rogue Angel: God of Thunder, is available now from eharlequin. (A month earlier than you can get it in stores or Amazon.)
Great cover, isn’t it?

Synopsis from Amazon:
Archaeologist Annja Creed narrowly escapes an attack by unknown figures when she tries to collect a package near her loft. She later learns that the sender—an old colleague named Fellini—has been brutally murdered.

Fellini had been researching the Hammer of Thor, the Norse god of thunder, and had linked it to a Viking warrior and a twelfth-century Latvian village. A coded message in Fellini’s package leads Annja on a wild chase along the canals of Venice to Latvia for more clues to an ancient treasure. Rumored to be hidden deep in the forests of Latvia for nine hundred years, this fabled prize is also sought by a ruthless corps of mercenaries. And they will do anything to find it. Including killing Annja Creed.

6 thoughts on “Rogue Angel: God of Thunder”

  1. My wife and I both are really enjoying this series. I’ve read the first two, and I’m waiting on the 3rd to come from I’ve got the rest up to book five (or six, I can’t remember). My wife has read them all so far out of order (except for book 3).

  2. I saw in this month’s Audofile magazine that they are doing the Rogue Angel audio books with full casts and effects. Love it when they do that.

  3. Carl – I wish that would happen with more books. I cringe when voice actors try to speak as a member of the opposite sex. Kind of ruins it for me.

    SF Girl – Thanks! And I’ll be sure to visit..

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