Anthony Michael Hall in Batman Sequel!

Now, I’m extremely excited about this…
According to SciFiWire:

Anthony Michael HallDead’s Hall Joins Knight

Anthony Michael Hall (USA Network’s The Dead Zone) told the Los Angeles Daily News that he has a role in The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins. Hall won’t say what it is.

“I signed a confidentiality agreement, and I can’t say which part I’m playing because it affects the story,” Hall told the newspaper. “I can’t give away the suspense—it’s a $200 million surprise, and I don’t want to be the guy to ruin it.”

Hall added: “I’m excited about it. Christian Bale [is] back as Batman. Heath Ledger is joining the cast as the Joker. Of course, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine return, and they’re great.”

Hall is currently shooting the sixth season of The Dead Zone, which returns to USA on June 17. The TV series cast and crew bent over backward for him to be in London for the first day of Dark Knight earlier this month, he said.

“My crew agreed to take a three-day weekend so I could fly Friday to go to London,” Hall said. “It was just a thrill. I felt like a rock star leaving the set, flying to London, going to shoot on a Saturday, you know? … My crew really gave me a gift, because they had to all vote union-wise to agree to not take a day’s pay to help me out. I felt very honored that they did that for me.”

Hall is not scheduled to resume shooting the movie until August, after The Dead Zone wraps.


Any ideas on who he might be?

David Cain?

16 thoughts on “Anthony Michael Hall in Batman Sequel!”

  1. OOO! I can’t wait to see it now. Of couse I couln’t wait before. Have you seen the photo floating around on the net of Joker? It is VERY VERY creepy looking.

  2. Oh! I’m excited!! Batman Begins is one of my favorites!! Christian Bale is SO good in this role!! And Michael Caine as Alfred?? Casting genius!

  3. Tempest – Considering Heath Ledger will be playing Joker, that won’t be an option for Hall… Since Hall is older than Ledger.

    Ridler is an option, but we already know Joker and Harvey Dent/Two Face will be in the seqel. How many big-time villains do they need?!

  4. Many, many big time villains. Look how well Dick Tracy did a few years (possibly decades) ago…..oh. Bad example.

    AMH as anyone is great and I’m so glad Christian Bale is back as Batman, he was so good in Batman Begins.

    I’ll have to think about this one. Who on earth could he play?

  5. Didn’t Jim Carey play the Riddler? Will he be a young joker? See the movies are so inconsistent for me. I love the first few … but after that I lost interest.

    I agree that I hope he’s not Robin. Yikes.

  6. and thank god it did reboot it, because the old movies were awful! I’m hoping they give Anthony Michael Hall a good role. I’ve liked him for a long time now. Even through the leprechaun years…


  7. Christopher Nolan is directing again, so I trust we’re in good hands. I think Anthony Michael Hall was a little old for Robin in “Sixteen Candles”. Have you seen those old comics? Robin can’t more than 4 feet tall.

  8. Darn it, I was hoping Id get cast as the Riddler. But I guess Hall will do. He’s believable as smart enough. (unlike Carey… burn!) especially since `Begin’s Batman didnt seam as over the top clever as they sometimes make Batman out to be.

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