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Lifetime Goes Paranormal

Based on Tanya Huff’s five-book vampire series, The Blood Books, Lifetime will be airing it’s new series Blood Ties on March 11th. The official website is here, where you can watch a preview of the upcoming show.

The show will explore the romantic triangle involving private investigator Vicki Nelson; her ex-partner, Mike Celluci; and the 450-year-old vampire, Henry Fitzroy, who just happens to be a romance writer and the illegitimate son of Henry VIII.

“Both men see how strong the competition is,” Mohan said in an interview. “Mike sees that this is a guy who’s never going to get old, never going to not be beautiful and is stronger than he is and faster than he is. On the other end, Henry realizes that Mike is a good-looking guy who is a human. He’s someone Vicki could have a family with and grow old with and have that kind of a real relationship. And for Vicki with Henry, however attractive he is, she doesn’t, in some ways, see him as a person to really give herself over to, because he’s this unnatural creature in a way. And there’s going to be a different woman in his bed every night (laughs).”

Blood Ties starts when Vicki runs into Henry during one of her investigations and discovers that not only do vampires exist, but that other supernatural forces are also real. The Lifetime series stars Christina Cox (The Chronicles of Riddick) as Vicki, Dylan Neal (JAG) as Mike and Kyle Schmid (Beautiful People) as the vampire Henry. Notable guest stars include Lisa Ray, Danny Trejo and Julian Sands as a vampire hunter. Lifetime has committed to air 13 episodes of the 22 in production, with the option to pick up more if the series does well.

Mohan promised to stay true to Huff’s series, including the tough but beautiful lead character. “Vicki works out a lot of issues through humor, and she won’t show fear,” he said. “She’ll throw in a funny line or a smartass line even in the face of a demon. It’s all based on this core trinity of characters and their messed-up relationships and throwing some cool monsters into this mix every week.”

As for the “cool monsters,” Mohan said: “We’re not showing monsters the way they’ve always been shown. Often we’re seeing the human side of monsters, or at least breaking the cliches a little bit and having some fun with it. There’s no end to different kinds of creatures out there. When the central guy is a vampire, one of the core questions of the show becomes ‘Who’s really the monster?'” Blood Ties premieres March 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Source: Sci Fi Wire

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  1. I tried to leave you a comment yesterday, and for some reason it wouldn’t post. But, what I wanted to say is that your blog always exposes me to new books which sound so enticing. I’m not terribly familiar with sci-fi, but I love coming here and getting informed. This particular series you speak of in this post sounds awesome, which I will also tell my husband because he loved The Vampire Chronicles. Somehow, I connected them in my mind, though I may be way off. Anyway, your blog is so informative to me. Thanks!

  2. Bellezza – Thanks for your kind words! Sorry the comment thing wasn’t working for you. Maybe my spam filter went a little overboard.

    I’m excited about this new series, even though I haven’t read the books yet. I may pick up the books eventually though.. If I end up loving the show.

  3. I’ll be interested to see what you think of this. I am exposed to Lifetime at my part time job as the clients love to watch that channel. I’ve admittedly become hooked on Reba because of it.

    The ‘original’ movies and series are certainly a toss up in quality. Some are absolutely dreadful and looking at the commercials for this doesn’t inspire any confidence in me. I hope its better acted than the commercials. Will be anxiously awaiting your review.

  4. Vicky & Amy – That stinks. The Lifetime channel is a woman’s channel that airs drama and romance movies. Most of them revolve around battered women getting even. LOL
    I hope Blood Ties eventually makes its way up there.. if it’s any good.

  5. I’ve heard a lot of good things about these books too. I am going to have to look into them. Granted right now I wish I did have cable so I could catch the series. Looks fun! 🙂

  6. I read these books not too long ago. I like them. This could be a good series. This time slot means it will be going up against the Dresden File. I LOVE Harry.

    I love coming over here. YOu keep me up to date w. what is going on!

  7. The good thing about The Dresden Files is that SciFi Channel airs it several times that night. And thankfully, I have several tv\’s to record different shows at the same time!
    And I\’m glad to hear you liked the Blood Ties books. I\’ll have to find some time to read them…

  8. I read the first book of the series and enjoyed it. I loved the Vicki and Henry characters but Mike annoyed me somewhat. Maybe I need to read another book to see if I warm to his character… The TV series could be interesting though.

  9. Weenie – Someone else who’s read it… Okay, I’ll have to go get one of the books. I have a couple gift certificates for Borders anyway…

    SolShine – It’s Lifetime, so I’m sure there will be a cheesiness factor. But hopefully it’ll still be entertaining.

  10. Blood Ties ROCKS!!
    This is the best thing to hit TV since the X-Files finished its run! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for next week’s episode. I’m hoping the series really takes off so I can have something great to watch every week… and I’d love to have five or six seasons on DVD with cast interviews and stuff. And I need to pick up the books. A soundtrack would be uber-awesome. And a t-shirt would be nice. Oh! And I might do a fine art rendition of Henry to hang on my bedroom wall. 🙂

  11. i love your show i hope you have a second season, and can you please get henry and vicki together because you can just tell how much they love each other but are afraid to say so.

  12. I absolutly Love this show. Puts a new perspective on the vampire life. The suspense and such in this show is wonderful. I really hope to see more. I kinda hope that viki and henry get together too. Sorry

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