Games of Command

I was recently able to read an advanced copy of Linnea Sinclair’s upcoming release: Games of Command.

In this latest science fiction romance, Sinclair blends a fun story of space-age suspense and two love stories.

Captain Tasha Sebastian has a sketchy past. When she finds herself assigned to the Vaxxar, Sebastian does her best to keep her past a secret from her commanding officer Admiral Kel-Paten.

Branden Kal-Paten is a bio-cybernetic admiral. He loves Sebastian from afar, but doesn’t think that anyone could ever love him back… cybernetic enhancements and all.

Dr. Eden Fynn is strangely drawn to her newest patient, Captain Jace Serafino. But the rebel Serafino has dangerous secrets of his own. He’s a wanted man with a high-tech monitoring device in his brain. The device holds vital information on certain government officials. But government agencies aren’t the only people that want to get their hands on the device. And some are willing to kill to get it.

Through a mysterious turn of events, the four find themselves stranded on a remote planet with dangerous enemies lurking, unseen. But what is real and what is fabricated?

Sinclair has developed a complex and interesting futuristic society set in space. In this latest installment, she has done a great job of blending an element of romance with action and intrigue. With fun characters and intricate stories, this science fiction/romance subgenre is a fun niche.

Games of Command will be available February 27th from Amazon and bookstores everywhere.

12 thoughts on “Games of Command”

  1. This sounds interesting. So there are two subplots going on and they get thrown together on a planet? I usually like “stranded” plot lines so I might have to check this one out.

  2. It’s sounds interesting… and very action packed! Following two romances probably doesn’t allow for downtime. Which in a book, in my opinion, is fabulous! 🙂 Sounds great, and yet another wonderful review Angela!

  3. Carl – I’ve been really happy with the number of ARC’s I’ve received lately!
    Since all I got was a PDF of the book and a JPG of the cover art, I’m not sure who the artist is. It is pretty great though.

  4. GAMES’s cover artist is Stephen Youll. He’s done some CJ Cherryh covers as well. 🙂 He’s also owned by a feline which explains why he was so open to featuring my Daq on the cover. At Daq’s insistance, of course! ~Linnea

  5. Linnea – Thanks so much for stopping by and answering that question! I thought the artist looked a little familiar.
    And congrats on the new release!

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