Blu-Ray Review: Lost In Space

Lost In Space Blu-ray

Lost In Space Blu-Ray Edition

Danger, Will Robinson!

This 1998 remake of the 1960’s TV show follows the Robinson family into deep space. Earth has exhausted its resources and looks for another planet to colonize. The Robinsons are the first to venture off to a new world in hopes of beginning colonization. But when the ship is sabotaged, the pilot is forced to take a detour and effectively getting… lost in space.

The talented cast includes: William Hurt (Professor John Robinson), Gary Oldman (Dr. Zachary Smith), Matt LeBlanc (Major Don West), Mimi Rogers (Dr. Maureen Robinson), Heather Graham (Dr. Judy Robinson), Lacey Chabert (Penny Robinson), Jack Johnson (Will Robinson), and Dick Tufeld (as the voice of the Robot). Is it strange that my favorite character is the Robot? The acting is fantastic; and the special effects are spectacular, even compared to today’s CGI. My one complaint is an annoyingly cute and equally creepy monkey-like creature that the Robinsons adopt.

There is a lot packed into this action-packed, deep space adventure – terrorists, killer robots, cannibalistic spiders, mutations, and time travel. But at the heart of the story, it’s about the Robinson family and their relationships. It’s an entertaining, fairly light-hearted space romp that was more fun than I originally remembered. This is one I’ll gladly add to my Blu-ray collection.

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