Book Review: Iron Daughter

Iron Daughter

Iron Daughter, by Julie Kagawa

After defeating the nasty Iron King, Meghan has returned with Ash to the land of the Winter faery queen, enemy of her father king of the Summer court. Though Meghan tries to warn the courts that the Iron fey are still a danger, no one seems to listen to her. Not even her unrequited love Ash, who completely ignores Meghan now. As a war begins between the Winter and Summer courts, Meghan discovers a shocking traitor and that a new leader is stirring up the Iron fey.

With such a strong debut, I had doubts about how this sequel would hold up. But this second installment is just as incredible and engaging as the first. Meghan is stronger and more confident. Though her feelings for Ash and Puck are more confusing than ever.

This fast-paced, action-packed adventure is a treat for teens and adults alike. Fantasy and romance abound in this magical series. With plenty of suspense, danger, and surprising twists, it’s nearly impossible to put down. Don’t miss this fantastic series.

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