6 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: The Dread”

  1. Hmm, why does the cover say it’s Book One? Under the new publishers, wasn’t that The Sworn? …And Amazon states The Dread is the “epic conclusion” to the Fallen Kings Cycle, does that mean this new ‘series’ will only have 2 books? I’m confuzzled =(

    Hopefully, getting closer to the release date will clear things up.

  2. Ares – In Gail’s email to me, it states that “The Dread is Book 2 in the Fallen Kings Cycle, which continues the characters and setting from The Sworn and from The Chronicles of the Necromancer series, picking up just days after the end of The Sworn.”
    I guess the cover has a typo. I received that directly from her has well!

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