Book Review: Hexed


Hexed, by Kevin Hearne

Atticus O’Sullivan has barely had time to recover from his latest adventures. Now, he’s getting pressure to help assassinate a certain bothersome Norse god. There’s still an escaped fallen angel on the loose. And a group of evil witches just moved to town, forging their own trail of death and destruction. Everyone seems to want a piece of Atticus, including a beautiful Celtic goddess with her own agenda.

In this sequel to last month’s Hounded, Atticus and his faithful hound are back for an even bigger action-packed adventure. Atticus is an incredibly fun and fascinating character. While he’s an extremely powerful Druid and dangerous in his own right, Atticus still tries to maintain a normal human life with his beloved wolfhound and a sweet relationship with an elderly neighbor. He’s smart, cunning, and full of surprises.

This is one series no fantasy fan should miss. Mystery, suspense, magic, and mayhem – the Iron Druid Chronicles is easily one of my new favorites this year. Hearne is truly talented with his complex characters, fast-paced thrills, and undeniable humor. Hexed is a fantastic sequel that may just be even better than the first. Once I picked it up, it was impossible to put down. Events throughout the story have laid a groundwork for the next in the series, Hammered, which releases in July. And I, for one, am ecstatic about the short wait.

If you read one book this summer, read Hounded. Then, read Hexed, because you won’t be able to help yourself.

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