Book Review: Amazon Ink

Amazon Ink

Amazon Ink, by Lori Devoti

Melanippe Saka left her Amazon tribe years ago to raise her daughter and have a normal life. But someone knows about her past and has been leaving the bodies of dead Amazon girls on her front doorstep. So Mel is now forced to deal with her former tribe and investigate the ritual murders that seem to be tied to her somehow. Meanwhile, a new male tattoo artist is stirring the pot at her (formerly) all-female tattoo parlor. Something about his art is familiar.

Besides being a former Amazon, Mel is a strong character that puts her job as mother above all else. She’s complex and enjoyable and had me hooked from the start. Devoti’s world of Amazon women and magic is fresh and original among other urban fantasy series. Her characters are well developed and incredibly vivid.

This is a fantastic start to, what I hope is, a long, popular series. It has all of the key ingredients of a good urban fantasy – mystery, suspense, magic, a bit of romance, and set in modern day. But this is definitely one of my favorites this year. Blending ancient Greek and Native American mythology, this Amazonian series is a step above the rest. It’s fast-paced, exciting, and pure fun. Urban fantasy fans should not miss this exciting debut.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Amazon Ink”

  1. Dead Amazon girls on your front doorstep is not a good look. But is is intriguing. Great review.

    I subscribed to your blog sometime ago and never commented. But I like what you’re doing here (hence the subscribing). And as I just signed up for the Mockingjay giveaway I didn’t want to leech. So, here I am dropping a comment on you. I’ll try to stick around as well.

    I would’ve posted this on the Mockingjay post but unfortunately comments are closed so I’ll continue, hoping it’s not too inappropriate to bring up another authors book. So, I own a copy of The Hunger Games. But it’s stacked in my mountainous “To Be Read” pile of books and I don’t own a copy of Catching Fire yet. I was waiting to see if I liked HG first. But all the hype surrounding the series is making me want jump right into it. Do you think I should? What’s you’re opinion on the series?

    *Now buying Amazon Ink for not only my inconsideration of Lori Devoti’s review but also for being a little too intrigued by dead Amazonians.*

  2. Hi Michael – Thanks! Sorry, I turn off comments on giveaway posts, as some people think they can enter that way. As for the Hunger Games series, I’m just about to start it too! So, I can’t really speak to it. Though the immense popularity and a friend that loves it has made me want to try them. RE Amazon Ink: I just finished the second one last night, Amazon Queen. No dead Amazons on doorsteps, but still a lot of fun! 🙂

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