Eureka Sneak Peek: “The Ex Files”

Airs: Friday, August 27th @ 9/8C on Syfy
Synopsis: In this episode, people from the past come back to haunt the lives of Carter and the gang.

I was lucky enough to get an early review copy. It was great to see former cast-mates and old flames return for an fun, yet awkward jaunt. More inventions go awry and wacky hijinks ensue. Character interactions are fantastic and stir lots of laughs. This was certainly a highlight of the season! Don’t miss it!

5 thoughts on “Eureka Sneak Peek: “The Ex Files””

  1. The posturing between Carter and Nathan over Allison was never my favorite bit of the show. And although I like the character of Dr. Grant, him falling for Allison is kind of “eh”. But I love when TV shows bring old characters back. So, I’ll be glad to welcome Nathan back from disintegration and Beverly from teleportation. I’m a sucker for nostalgia…even if it’s only from like two years ago. lol But I’m way more interested in how the consequences of this new timeline to will play out. Can’t wait to see this episode though.

  2. The first time I read the synopsis, I didn’t catch the word “haunt” or I failed to make the connection. But I saw the ep last night. It wasn’t even close to what I was expecting. But that’s why it was so great! You were right about it being a highlight of the season. Overall, I like where they’ve been going with this season. A lot of pleasant surprises.

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