Book Review: Lost Souls: Burning Sky

Lost Souls: Burning SkyLost Souls: Burning Sky

Lost Souls: Burning Sky, by Mel Odom and Jordan Weisman

Nathan Richards smart teenager who refuses to live up to his potential, always living in his older cousin’s shadow. But on the night he turns 13, he is given a strange and unique gift. He can travel between different frequencies (realities) and talk to the dead. With this gift, he has to play a game tied to Mayan mythology against Kukulkan. And Nathan has to win in order to save the world from ending on December 21, 2012.

The first in a new trilogy, the novel for middle readers come packaged with a copy of the actual game from the story. And the game’s instructions are detailed at the end of the book. Whereas, Nathan must learn the rules and game instructions throughout the course of his adventures. Nathan is a likeable kid, with a tragic family. His mother died when he was born. And his father is so focused on his work, that he neglects his only child. And though Nathan is reluctant about the Game, he is focused on doing the right thing, even if it means putting himself in jeopardy.

With the popularity of Mayan culture in children’s books lately, this new trilogy has a fun niche literally incorporating a game – and helps to pull the reader even more into the story. This first in the trilogy is fast-paced, full of mystery and wonder. The adventure and suspense will attract readers of all ages. It’s fun, engaging, and exciting. Ending with a mild cliffhanger counting down to the supposed end of the world, I eagerly await the next installment.

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