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According to, Syfy has cast 2 of the 3 main characters for its upcoming remake of the hit BBC show Being Human. Smallville villain Sam Witwer has been cast as the vampire Aidan. And Meaghan Rath (The Assistants) will play a ghost named Molly. No official word yet on who will take on the role of the werewolf character.

Being Human is about three roommates (a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost) who try to maintain their humanity despite their paranormal state.

As a huge fan of the original British series, you would think I’d be mad or at least nervous about a Syfy remake. Instead, I’m actually excited. BBC’s Being Human is great, and I can still enjoy it on BBC America. But soon I’ll be able to (hopefully) enjoy a new, fresh take on a strong premise. Syfy’s version won’t be replacing the British one. And, in my opinion, there can never be too may scifi or fantasy shows on television. I loved Sam Witwer in his Smallville role. And I think he’s a great choice for the tortured vampire character on a new Being Human.

Syfy will also undoubtedly have a larger budget than the British version, which means the special effects will be much better. I have to admit that I cringe every time George changes into a werewolf, after seeing the quality of the Underworld movies. But ultimately, Being Human is about the characters and the choices they make. And if Syfy can recreate that chemistry with solid characters, it could be great as well.

New episodes of Being Human return July 24th on BBC America.

If you’ve missed the previous episodes of Being Human, you can still catch up here:


3 thoughts on “Syfy Casts Being Human Remake”

  1. Good assessment. I LOVE the BBC version but I also though Sam Witner did a good job on Smallville. I KNOW he can played tortured. Casting for George is’s the glue and the heart of the show IMHO. Syfy is going to need a really, really good actor with the right about presence and geekiness to pull it off. Russell Tovey is such a great actor..there aren’t many that with that skill.

  2. I agree. George is the strongest character by far. It’ll be tough to fill those shoes. I wonder if they’ll change him completely, away from the geeky, awkwardness?

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