Book Review: Star Trek: Inception

Star Trek: Inception

Star Trek: Inception, by S.D. Perry and Britta Dennison

Young doctor Carol Marcus is researching an exciting field that could terraform barren planets and end hunger. But this latest project will take her away from her beau in Starfleet, Jim Kirk. The two are in love, but their career comes first for both of them. Meanwhile, botanist Leila Kalomi meets Starfleet officer Spock, while trying to find direction in her life and decides to join Marcus’ team. But there are some that do not want the terraforming research to continue. And those with a grudge may be a danger to the project and the scientists themselves.

Star Trek fans are familiar with the events in the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, where we are introduced to Carol Marcus and Jim Kirk’s son that he never knew, as well as a project known as Genesis. This story takes us back to the relationship between Carol and Jim and what happened between the two, years before Jim becomes captain of the Enterprise. The authors bring new light to events only hinted at in the movie. Here, we are able to see a moving but fated love story. Though I knew the eventual outcome of the lives of several of the characters, it didn’t lessen the intensity or feeling.

Inception is an interesting story of love, loss, ambition, and the impact of scientific advancements. The characters are vivid and their stories poignant. This novel is quite different than others in the various series, but I found it wonderfully written and captivating. The story focuses more on personal interactions and drama than action and adventure, yet I found it very engaging and a quick read.

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  1. I just read this one. It was a good book, but being a guy, it was a little too relationship-focused for me. I would much rather read a David Mack “Mack-Attack” action focused book.

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