Smallville Renewed for 10th Season, But…

944166-smallville_super Great news that the CW announced Smallville is renewed and will be back next fall!

But to be honest, I’m kind of surprised that Smallville is getting renewed for a 10th season. Don’t get me wrong. I love the show. I think these last couple seasons have been the strongest in its entire run. But how long can they drag out Clark NOT becoming Superman? The red and blue shirt and jacket combo were better than this current black t-shirt with the well-known “S” symbol. Will Clark be middle-aged by the time he dons his primary colors in costume form?

For this story to make sense, people are going to have to forget what he looks like without glasses as well. It was cute the one episode he wore them, but why isn’t it a permanent fixture on his face?

I am glad that he and Lois are now an item. But at times it feels as if their relationship may be premature. But then, this is a re-imagining of the Man of Steel. Maybe the plan is to have Lois help Clark transition into Superman, and his identity won’t be a secret to her in the future.

Whatever the plan, please lose the black t-shirt and trench coat. The look is too dark for any version of Superman. And the name “The Blur” is only slightly better than “The Red/Blue Blur.” The ridiculous nicknames have got to go as well.

I guess what I’m saying is, make him Superman already! Nine years is a long time for Clark/Kal-El to discover himself. I know this is an “Origins” story, but he’s an adult now, and has been for some time. Does this decision hinge on the suit? Does the creative team behind Smallville not want to have to come up with a cool, updated Superman costume?

Enough ranting. I love that Lana is gone. Lois and Clark are heating it up. Zod finally has powers. And even Chloe is happy for once. I’m excited to see what else the future holds for the Smallville characters.

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  1. Yeah, I really agree with about everything you said…except the last two seasons have been agony for me. I do love that Lana is gone but I really, really miss Lex and I just think the writing is all over the place..especially this season. I am glad Zod has powers but it’s been a long time coming and Tess is bugging me. What is her purpose.

  2. Anyone waiting to see Clark in the red & blue on Smallville is in for a disapointment. The reason is simply $$$. The Jerry Siegel family won a couple of lawsuits that give them ownership of Superboy and joint ownership of Superman.

    Durring the lawsuits Warner Brothers stated that Smallville was NOT the Jerry Siegel Superboy, and was not related to the Jerry Siegel Superman. At this point if they ever connected the Smallville directly to Superman they would have to pay the Siegel family lots of $$$ for the past 9 seasons as well as any new seasons.

    Just enjoy Smallville for what it is and give up on expecting it to be Superman.

  3. I’m glad the CW gave Smallville another season to wrap up the story properly. It’s still one of my favorite shows! It’s not perfect but it’s good.

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