Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: Under Attack

Under Attack by Hannah Jayne

Sophie Lawson is the lone human working for the UDA (Underworld Detection Agency), with a special immunity to magic. But when new management arrives, Sophie is laid off because she is not one of the undead majority. Meanwhile, her former flame and fallen angel, Alex Grace, is back and asking for her help to find a missing Vessel of Souls, which will supposedly help break his curse and give him back his wings. But in their investigation, Sophie learns a surprise about her own past and her dark family connection to the Vessel of Souls.

Sophie is a quick-witted, emotional, spitfire and is completely endearing. Her chemistry with Alex is steamy, until we discover his ulterior motives. Then, his appeal quickly fades. Jayne’s urban fantasy world is fairly similar to others in the genre, but her humor and eccentric characters make this series stand out. I absolutely love the characters and the banter and camaraderie between Sophie and her roommate/best friend.

This is the second novel in the Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles. But Under Attack is a wholly standalone novel. I haven’t read the first, but had no trouble catching up with the characters; and the plot was entirely self-contained. Though, after having read this fast-paced, exciting story, I have no doubt I’ll continue reading this incredible series. The humor and pacing reminds me of one of my favorite urban fantasy series – Laura Resnick’s Esther Diamond novels, which is high praise in itself. With plenty of mystery, romance, humor, magic, and mayhem – I was captivated till the very end.

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  1. I agree. The genre isn’t really my thing, but her sense of humor and plucky, klutzy, endearing heroine grow on you really fast. She’s a favorite at the local B&N and really gets a kick out of her fans.

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