Cimmerian City

Cimmerian City

Cimmerian City is a new scifi/fantasy release by Rae Lindley.

Raven Blackheart and her boyfriend are viciously attacked, while walking the streets one night. As Raven’s boyfriend dies in front her, she is next to be stabbed. But 10 years later, Raven wakes up. And she’s no longer the same person she once was. The people who found her dying, saved her by changing her into a hybrid. Now, Raven is half human and half Dracin, a vampire-like race. There has been a war brewing between the two races. And Tech Corporation is hoping to use Raven to gain the upper hand.

This is the first in a series planned by Lindley, and Raven’s changed nature isn’t fully explored yet. But this is a fairly short book, and we mostly just watch as Raven tries to get a handle on the changes not only in her but in the world around her. With a bit of espionage and mystery, Cimmerian City is a short, fun read absent of the violence, gore, and heavy romance that many vampire novels seem to spout.

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  1. I was recently blogging about vampires and realized all of my examples were male. I’ve been looking for some examples of female vampires — one who weren’t mental — so I’ll have to check this book out.

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