6 thoughts on “Daniel Craig Portrait: V 2.0”

  1. Love those blue eyes! Thanks for the answer – very cool that you went to art school. I never had an art course (in school) after elementary – not one – but it’s still something I’d like to do. The closest college with an art program is about 40 miles away and expensive, so I’ve taken a couple of painting workshops, locally (about 15 years ago!) but nothing else, since moving here. Yeah, I’d love to get back to sketching (or anything else artistic).

    I got all my files backed up, Angela, except for email. So, could you email me at my home address, again, so I can reply? I was soooo not expecting my old computer to croak before my husband returned from Florida!!! Thank goodness for teenage boys – my 14-year-old helped me back up just about everything before it was too late. Whew!

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