Dark Haven

Dark Haven

Dark Haven, by Gail Z. Martin, is book 3 in the Chronicles of the Necromancer.

His brother overthrown, Tris has now become king. Tris and Kiarawill be wed, joining their kingdoms. But Isencroft dissenters want to keep their kingdom separate. And neither Tris or his bride will be safe until the spies are found. Meanwhile, Jonmarc has become the new Lord of Dark Haven. But some of the undead vayash moru do not want another mortal ruling them any longer.

Dark Haven is more fast-paced than it’s predecessors. Tris and his companions are no longer on the run, yet the suspense seems to be more amped. And danger is even closer than before with traitors in the midst.

The story drifts back and forth between Dark Haven and Tris’ kingdom. And as the excitement increases, the book ends in a huge cliffhanger that will leave readers impatiently awaiting next year’s release. With creepy ghosts, nefarious undead, magic, plenty of intrigue, and even a little romance, high fantasy fans shouldn’t miss this series.

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  1. I read book one. Book two and three are on my shelf – unfortunately unread.
    Maybe you are interested in title of fourth book: DARK LADY’S CHOSEN.

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