First Look: Stargate: Universe

Being a huge fan of the previous Stargate series, I have very high hopes for Stargate: Universe. I’m looking forward to seeing Lou Diamond Phillips, Robert Carlyle, and Ming-Na’s characters in particular. Great actors, more unknown worlds to explore, and plenty of action – Fall can’t come soon enough for me.

4 thoughts on “First Look: Stargate: Universe”

  1. I’m hopeful for it, great cast. The producers have said it’s going to be a darker take of the Stargate franchise and they’ve already lined up Richard Dean Anderson and couple of the others for guest spots on the show.

    I just *pray* that it won’t be Star Trek:Voyager. While that show had a great cast, the writing and the stories were nowhere near up to the level of the cast.

  2. I’m a Stargate fan since the original movie. Like you I’m looking forward to this series as well. Countdown commencing: *tick tock tick tock*

    Thanks for sharing the video trailers.

  3. Is it just me or is everyone holding their breath for this show? with all the good series either ending or series finished I for one am in the mood for some dark SG universe.
    Thanks for the taster sci-fi chick! on the pulse as always.

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