Dresden Files: Turn Coat

Dresden Files: Turn Coat

Dresden Files: Turn Coat, by Jim Butcher, is the 11th book in the Dresden Files series.

Harry Dresden is Chicago’s only resident wizard listed in the phone book. When Morgan shows up at Harry’s doorstep asking for help hiding from the Council, it’s the last place the Wardens will look for him. But while believing Morgan’s story, Harry not only puts himself in danger but everyone he cares about as well. Someone in the Council is pulling strings and trying to cause chaos within, and will stop at nothing to recapture Morgan.

This may be my favorite in the series so far. Harry has to shelter the person he dislikes most in the world. The suspense is amped up, since there is an obvious traitor in the midst of the White Council. The action is practically non-stop. And of course, the fabulous cast of characters, both good and bad, lay the foundation for an exciting story and a great climactic ending.

Some of Harry’s relationships will change forever. But nothing is ever easy for this tortured wizard.

Dresden Files: Turn Coat releases tomorrow, April 7th.

6 thoughts on “Dresden Files: Turn Coat”

  1. Woo-hoo!

    I love Jim Butcher’s novels. I’m hooked on both The Dresden Files and the Codex Alera series. Looking forward to Turn Coat.


    Hi, to Lois Lane!

  2. I picked this up last night at the book signing party near Chicago. Jim is terrific to see in person. I bet he has severe writing cramps as there were hundreds of people there and everyone wanted a signed copy. Jim also signed any of his books that people brought with them.
    I highly recommend seeing Jim in person if he is anywhere near your city.

  3. Well, I finally finished it. I don’t know, I loved this series best at “Summer Knight”. This is sort of missing someof the charm. This maybe a spoiler so be careful
    In the end, all of the things that he sets up turn out to not matter.
    There is never any good reason for the council to kill Morgan.
    These people know what magic can do, and can’t be so stupid that they believe in a world of magic only the simplest explanation can be true. It just doesn’t sound right. It also doesn’t sound like killing Morgan would be smart. It is not a stabilizing effect to kill possibly innocent people. It just makes the others want to get away from your organization, and topple the government. Look at Saddam Hussein if you want proof. If killing innocents made a country stable, he would be in power.
    Dumb. And the Council shouldn’t be dumb.

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