Enemies & Allies

Enemies & Allies

Enemies & Allies, by Kevin J. Anderson, is a story about Superman and Batman’s first meeting. Set in the late 1950s, tensions between the US and the Soviet Union have brought about the Cold War. And Lex Luthor is hoping to cash in on America’s fear.

When the book begins, Clark Kent has just started at the Daily Planet. And Superman is already a beloved hero. On the other hand, Batman is labeled a vigilante and is hunted by Gotham police. And Bruce Wayne discovers deep-rooted treachery in his company.

Superman and Batman stick very close to their already established iconic characters, as do Lois and Lex. The story is engaging and fast-paced. And at 336 pages, it’s a quick read with the feel of a graphic novel.

The narrative switches back and forth between Superman and Batman’s worlds. Superman finds himself in often humorous predicaments and is always trying to better himself. Whereas, Batman’s story is always more dark and tortured. The two have completely different reasons for their heroics, but both fight on the same side. This is an exciting portrayal of how their alliance begins.

Enemies & Allies will release May 5th from William Morrow.

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