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I’m very excited that I get to meet Janet Evanovich tonight. She’s having a book signing at Barnes & Noble in my area, promoting her latest book Motor Mouth was just release on Tuesday. And I’m a big fan of her immensely popular Stephanie Plum series. In fact, I’ve hooked a lot of my friends on the series.

I finished Agents of Light and Darkness, by Simon R. Green. It wasn’t nearly as funny and suspenseful as the first book, but still a fun read. I’m looking forward to starting the 3rd book in the novella later today. They’re such easy reading, that when I actually find time to sit down and read, I feel like I just breeze through. I may post a full review once I’ve finished this first trilogy.

And did everyone catch the season premier of Lost last night?? This is going to be a fun season!

4 thoughts on “Evanovich Signing”

  1. Evanivich? COOL!

    Lost was good, but I dunno, something was missing (heroes went by faster then this installment!) … like the rest of the CAST! AND making Jack obsessive was not my cup of tea, though I love his stubborness! Obviously these three are rats in a maze. Oh and how much do you loathe Ben/Henry Gale??? I know I do pretty much!

  2. I do agree with your points.. Lost definitely lacked it’s usual shock value.
    And yes, Ben is very creepy.. I would have dropped him from the book club too. heheh

  3. I like Lost but it seems everytime something is SORT of explained they pop up with another Mystery, so it seems we NEVER have a clue what is going on. 🙂

    Hope you are feeling better.


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