The Best-laid Plans…

Well, so much for the book signing.
I had drug my sister along, even though she doesn’t own any of Janet Evanovich’s books, she still enjoys them. I had assumed Janet would give a little talk. I was wrong. When we got there, I was #535, and told they’d call out numbers to get in line to meet Janet and to get books signed. There didn’t look to be nearly that many people in the store, so I decided to stick it out to see how fast the line went. Well, at first, they were calling out sets of 25 every few minutes. So I was hopeful. My sister and I sat and read for a while. And hour passes quickly, and I offer to buy my sister coffee for the both of us at the Starbucks stand. (It’s the least I can do for dragging her to this, and Janet not even giving a talk. I had talked up my last experience at MJD’s book signing, so she had reluctantly agreed.) Bringing back the coffee, my sister had a strange look on her face. She said that the line of people called was ridiculously long, and that even though they might get to my number in an hour or so, we’d still have to wait another half an hour (at least!) standing in line. Forget that. So I dejectedly left Barnes and Noble with my unsigned books, and walked down to Best Buy so my sister could buy her husband a birthday gift. At least the trip wasn’t a total waste. If Janet had been my favorite author, I might have stayed. But it definitely wasn’t worth over 3 hours of waiting just to get an autograph and a picture. (I did sneak up and take a couple photos from a distance. Whoopee.) I felt bad for my sister that I had drug my sister along to sit for an hour and a half for nothing, and she felt bad that I didn’t get to meet Janet. She consoled me that at least we did have fun reading. We actually go to B&N occasionally just to sit and read (so we don’t have to actually buy the book).

What saved my night from being too much of a bummer was Smallville. This episode was ten times better than last week’s season premier! Justin Hartley, star of the Aquaman series that never made it to the small screen, made his first appearance as Green Arrow on Smallville. I’m such a comic geek that these special appearances by future JLA members make me giddy with delight. Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) is a great character, and I’m excited to see more of him in next week’s episode.

11 thoughts on “The Best-laid Plans…”

  1. You need to enlighten the ignorant. lol

    I’m not sure who Green Arrow is and if he is a good guy or bad guy or what. I assume after watching last night’s episode he is a bad guy.

    Anyway, I thought the episode was ok. I have to admit that Smallville is starting to seem a little redundant to me. This is going to sound horrible but I wish Lana would die or something. Her character is becoming very flat and predictable. She just keeps bouncing between Lex and Clark and is starting to come across as a moron, IMO.

    I enjoy Cloe and Lionel. I think it is the best thing for the show for some people to know about Clark.

    I’m just at the end of my rope with Lana. The whole love triangle thing is getting VERY old.

    I think the Lois Lane thing is ok. I think they added her for the sex appeal and not to really add much to the show. Her character is little more than an attempt to add some new sexual spice since all of the other characters are a little worn out.

  2. Green Arrow is definitely a good guy. He’s a part of the Justice League with Superman, and all the rest.

    I do wish Lana would die already too. She’s annoying and whiny and hasn’t changed one iota since the first season.

  3. I think that is where shows like Lost stand out above everything else. The writing is strong enough to kill off seemingly important characters.

  4. Love Elizabeth Peters.

    But I don’t know if I’d even wait that long for Peter David.. he’s probably my favorite (living) author at the moment. With all the comic cons out there, I doubt I’d ever have to.

  5. That’s a bummer! I was so glad when we went to Chicago to see Neil Gaiman last year that I had called the second I heard tickets were available as we were only 10th or 11th in line. It was excellent.

  6. I wouldn’t wait two or three hours in line for just an autograph, either. Sorry you were disappointed and that she didn’t speak. The best signings I’ve been to have definitely been the ones at which the author spoke or did a reading, maybe answered some questions. Nevada Barr is great, if you ever get the chance to see her. We got to see Douglas Adams (may he rest in peace) way back in 1989 and he was also a terrific speaker.

  7. Well, at least you had a Starbucks and time with your sister. There’s something redeeming about that, but I’m sorry for your disappointment. You’re braver than I am to even try; I remember J.K. Rowling coming to our town in 1999, before she was ALL THAT, and still I wouldn’t wait. Maybe I should have, for a first edition signed by her…

  8. Disappointing about the book signing. Can you imagine being the author and signing books for that long. I was fortunate enough to hear Lois Lowry talk and then get some books signed. She was great.

  9. I caught the smallville ep (and yes he’s good guy despite how they’re making him look!) I get giddy over the future JL members showing up too!

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