FOX Trip

Today, I’m on my way to sunny California.
People at FOX were kind enough to fly me and other web-based media people out for a set tour/meet and greet with the cast of the new show The Sarah Connor Chronicles!
I’ll be back… in a couple of days. Check back later this week for highlights of the trip… and more on the upcoming show!

Here’s an early trailer:

16 thoughts on “FOX Trip”

  1. Wow. That is too cool! Congratulations on being selected to get to do this.

    I hope the show is good and doesn’t completely kill the Terminator franchise. If done right it could be completely awesome.

  2. Man…that is so cool!! Have fun and enjoy!! I’m such a big fan of The Terminator, I don’t know if I’ll like the show. (of course, if they flew ME out there, I’d probably watch it!!)

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