Ragamuffin by Tobias Buckell

Following the events in Crystal Rain, Ragamuffin has a separate story, but a continuation as well. In a universe where humans are treated as lowest of species, and some even as slaves, Nashara is a paid assassin trying to find her way home. Meanwhile, John deBrun and Pepper (from the previous novel) are trying to piece back order to the tattered culture on Nanagada. When a ship arrives, claiming to harbor Teotl refugees, the two men know not to trust the aliens. But John and Pepper need their help too. With a mutual enemy on the horizon, can the two races work together to save them all?

In my eyes, Buckell’s writing rose to a new level with this latest release. With a lot more action and suspense, and having that background already laid in the first novel, Ragamuffin impressed me from beginning to end. My favorite characters were back as well as the entirely unique Nashara, who fascinated me to no end. Instead of being stuck on one planet, we are treated to a space opera at its finest.

Action, adventure, intrigue, and betrayal – science fiction fans will definitely enjoy this one.

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