12 thoughts on “From Sylar to Spock”

  1. I’m also hoping they spend a decent amount of time with Nimoy as well, Angela, but my guess is that most of the film will be Nimoy’s Spock remembering the past and the film basically being a flashback.

  2. I am interested in this movie, but I have to admit I am more a fan of Generations than the Original Series. But, because there is no longer ST on television, I might be very inclined to see this just to satisfy my nerdy qualities. haha

  3. John – I have a feeling you’re right. But a girl can deam..

    Christine – I don’t know that I’ll get past the serial-killer role he’s been playing. I think he’s already type-cast in my mind. But he does pull-off being emotionless well.

    Kaliana – I’m in the same boat. I’ll be going to see it just because it’s Trek. I don’t have very high hopes though.

  4. Quintos as young Spock?! I look forward to seeing how he does with it! That actually makes me want to see this even though it’s been a while since I’ve wanted to watch a Trek movie.

  5. A good choice as far as looks and celebrity go. I like that he is still a more minor actor as opposed to going with a really big name. I’m still not thrilled that this is the direction the Star Trek films are taking, but that is another discussion.

  6. I suppose it’s impossible to get Leonard Nimoy at the same age as he was in the original Star Trek? I can’t decide if this is a Noooooooo because – Spock cannot be replaced or if I’m typecasting poor Sylar.

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