GlobalComix Review: Fallen Star: Episode One: Troublemaker

Fallen Star, 88 pages – Published by Star Runner Chronicles

Aurora Palmer is a rebellious teen girl with a mysterious past and unpredictable powers she cannot control. When these powers threaten to expose her, she must uncover her true origins before they are destroyed forever! Artwork by Leo Cordeiro, Carlos Eduardo, Mohan Sivakami, and Wilson Ramos, Jr. Adapted from the screenplay by James Watson and Charlotte Stauffer.

Story and Art by Carlos Eduardo, James Watson, Leo Cordeiro, Mohan Sivakami, Wilson Ramos

Fallen Star: Episode One: Troublemaker
Aurora has just moved back to town after years away. She’s troubled, with a bad home life, and strange powers that she hasn’t begun to control yet. A couple of kids at school are trying to befriend her, but she has her guard up. Meanwhile, an excavation uncovers an alien ship. And when it is opened, Aurora’s abilities suddenly flare up with the entire school watching.

This is an impressive indie comic! I thoroughly enjoyed this first episode, and would love to read more about Aurora’s origins and abilities, as well as how she’ll fit in at school going forward. The artwork is fantastic and colorful. And the story is well-paced and engaging. I look forward to more in this series.

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  1. Hey, Sci-Fi Chick! Thanks for the great review of our first issue! Send me your e-mail or mailing address via PM and I’ll send you a full review copy of the graphic novel!

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