Heroes 2

Last night’s episode was almost as good as the first.  There was a stronger element of horror this time with the revelation of Patient Zero, Sylar, a super-powered serial killer.  Also introduced was a mind reading LAPD officer. A little “What Women Want” meets “Silence of the Lambs.” I kid.

There were some great revelations and a glimpse 5 weeks into the future… when New York blows up. 

I love the clues in the show, that if you pay attention early on, later on, things become clear. And yet, like Lost, even more questions open up.

And the comic for this week confirmed my suspicion about Hiro’s name.  Did you all guess?

Bonus TV Discussion: What two television shows are your favorite and why?
Stargate SG:1 – It has all my favorite elements: SciFi, sarcastic humor, romance, action, and mystery all wrapped up in each episode.  This show has some of the best writers out there. And the cast has an amazing chemistry.

4400 – Though this might be a close tie with the Dead Zone, airing immediately following. Again, the show is SciFi, but like the show Heroes, all of the 4400 abductees are realizing they have a special power… and are learning how to use it, be it for good or evil. And yet there is real-life drama that comes from it too, revolving around relationships and problems.

11 thoughts on “Heroes 2”

  1. Agreed. Great Episode!

    I’m not sure what you’re talking about as far as the clue?? Help?

    Fav. Tv shows?

    1) Battlestar Galactica- love the sci fi, love the drama! Season Premier this Friday!! WOO HOO!

    2) Lost- love the characters, love the mystery! Season Premier TOMORROW! WOO HOOO!

    3) Dr. Who (New from the UK)- LOVE the new Dr (and the one from the first season), love the nostalgia!

    4) And of course Heroes!!

  2. The comic this week tells us that Hiro was named after Hiroshima… which I suspected considering it looks like an atomic bomb going off in New York City in 5 weeks.
    I’m also wondering if the radiation might have had a trickle-down affect and caused Hiro’s ability. Maybe everyone’s? So far, they’re all of the same generation…

    Some people are theorizing that the cheerleader’s father is Sylar.. because of the way he looks at her tape. But I doubt it’s him.

  3. Julie and I really enjoyed the second episode too.

    I think I am going to like Heoroes as much as BSG because of the edgy feeling you get from them both. They are both pretty intense so far with just a little bit of light here and there to keep you from going crazy.

    Heroes should do quite well.

  4. Julie’s friend Elizabeth mentioned the tv Mini Series’ V as one of her favorites.

    That’s quite the blast from the past, isn’t it?

  5. I definitely liked this one as much if not better than the second one. I’m very impressed thus far. I have to read the comics because I haven’t kept up with that to this point. Wonderful writing, hope they keep it up!

  6. The thing I notice most about Heroes is how quickly the hour passes! This is the kind of show that will make a great Marathon when they get around to DVDs of the first season.

  7. “The thing I notice most about Heroes is how quickly the hour passes!”

    jenclair, I thought the same thing! Lost is like that for me!

    Scifichick, Ah interesting about the clue! Missed that!

    I LOVED Alien Nation but HATED the way it ended. ARRRGH!

    Actually I ws thinking the lady who has a reflective twin might be sylar … but then it was a man who left a message on the Indian profs vocie message? … hmmm

    James, Star Trek next Gen (and the original) is a given for me! Cant believe I didn’t think of it!

  8. I don’t watch alot of TV once sports are taken out of the equation. I spend most of my time in front of the television either watching movies or watching older shows on DVD that I didn’t catch at the time. As far as current television shows go, the only two that I am watching every week are Heroes and House and I love them both. I suspect they would be favorites even if I was watching a bunch of other stuff.

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