Staying Away from Staying Dead

Last week I stopped reading Staying Dead, by Laura Anne Gilman, halfway through the book. Not only was it extremely boring, but full of made-up magical terms with no explanations.

So, I started reading Playing with Fire, by Gena Showalter. This book is a lot more fast-paced, and has a heroin with a sense of humor. And I’m still in the middle of Everybody Comes to the Nightside.

I was hoping I’d get more reading done over the long weekend of recovering from surgery. But no such luck. Anytime I tried to read, I couldn’t concentrate or it made me sleepy.

So I ended up watching a lot of tv and movies. I watched the entire forth season of Moonlighting. Unfortunately, it’s the most boring season concentrating almost solely on relationships instead of actual detective work.

LightspeedI also watched one of the cheesiest, SciFi Channel made-for-tv movies, written by Stan Lee (creator of many great Marvel comics), called Lightspeed. A 40-something, balding, special ops man is exposed to high levels of radiation and discovers he can run at the speed of light. Not only does he not look like the average super hero (see: balding, aging, and not exactly muscular), but the outfit he wears is just laughable. It looked like it belonged in the movie Tron. The only acting worse that the hero’s was the villain, a snake-man, called Viper, who unfortunately had the most screen-time of anyone. In one of the last scenes he screams for about five minutes straight saying the same phrase over and over, “Why’d you make me do it? Why’d you make me kill you?!” What was the plot? I’m not quite sure.
Yeah. My respect for one of the greatest super hero/comic creators of all time just dropped quite a few degrees.

On a side-note, my surgery went well. My doctor found some Endometriosis and was able to clean up most of it. Hopefully, this will take care of it for a while. Thanks for the prayers, everyone!

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  1. Hey, I just thought I’d drop in and see if you were ok. I am glad to hear you are well, but sorry to hear about the endometriosis. I’ll say a prayer that it doesn’t come back.

  2. Ok, the name of that author is a bit too similar to my maiden name, don’t you think? Gena Showalter and Jaena Showalter, hmmm…

    Also, have you seen the movie Timeline, Angela? We just watched it last night, and liked it pretty well. Jim said that it didn’t have good ratings or reviews maybe when it was in the theaters. Any thoughts?

  3. Glad you’re doing better. Bummer on the lack of reading–I hate that when I have a whole day or weekend planned (like that ever happens, but anyway) of reading, and then I don’t actually get anything done.

    I loved Moonlighting, too. I’ve been working my way slowly through the first two seasons. I’ll remember to skip Season Four if it’s that bad.

  4. Welcome back! Hope the surgery cleared everything up and the endometriosis won’t worry you in the future.

    Sorry to hear you quit Staying Dead. That one’s in one of my TBR cabinets and I was hoping it would be a good one. I’ll probably still give it a shot, but at least you’ve nicely forewarned me about the incomprehensible vocabulary. Thanks for the warning and hope you’re 100% soon.

  5. Thanks Jules, I appreciate it!

    Hey Jaena, I know! I immediately thought of you when I saw the author’s name! Too funny.
    As for Timeline, I had already read the book.. so the movie wasn’t nearly as good. But I guess if you did’t read the book first, the movie would be decent. They were very different tho.

    Colleen, I can tell you only one thing gets accomplished in season 4 in Maddie & David’s relationship.. concerning a baby. And only about 3 fun cases seem to get solved. I regret spending money on it. Let me know if you want me to tell you what happens, that’s drawn-out all season.
    Remington Steele was far superior. I went through all 5 seasons of that & am left wanting more!

    Thanks Nancy, I’m hoping this will help!
    As for Staying Dead, I was really disappointed as I went ahead & bought the sequel too. Let me know if you end up liking the first one, and I’ll mail you my copy of the sequel.

  6. Yes, ma’am. Oh, yeah, on the Remington Steele versus Moonlighting thing: Remington Steele, hands down. Some of your posts really make me miss TV. We haven’t had cable or satellite for so long I can’t even remember – 4 years, maybe? 5? I had no idea some guy shot a bunch of innocent little Amish girls till I opened the paper, today. This is why we need fiction; reality stinks way too much.

  7. I’m with you Bookfool. TV is almost too heartbreaking to watch sometimes.

    Scifichick, I’m really glad to hear that your surgery went well. What a blessing!

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