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Heroes Finale Details Leaked… But no real spoilers. Don’t worry.

Tim Kring, creator of NBC’s Heroes, revealed to SCI FI Wire that the first-season finale will comprise the last three episodes of the year, will bring all of the main characters together in New York—and will ultimately result in the deaths of one or more heroes. “The whole thing converges in New York, … and they’re all there, and all of them play a role,” Kring said in an interview at Wizard World in Los Angeles on March 17. “Even though some may feel like they’re less significant to the final event, when you analyze it, each one had to play that role in order for the final event to be solved, and so there really was a kind of destiny quality to them coming together and having each one fulfilling [thing] and one specific role.”

Kring and company are completing the final draft of the season finale script—episode number 23, called “How to Stop an Exploding Man”—which goes into production in a week and is slated to air on May 23. Meanwhile, production has begun on the previous episode, “Landslide,” Kring said.

As for the deaths? All Kring will say is that people die, including main characters. “The thing is, people knew fairly early on [that they might not make it through the season],” Kring said of the cast members. “Everybody, every actor that we’ve spoken to. I mean, … we’ve spoken about this idea, that on this show the story is king and everybody is in service of that story. It’s not a star vehicle. No, the show does not live or die by any one character. And so every actor should realize that at some point their ticket might come up. It’s both sad and exciting at the same time.”

Kring added: “It became very important that if we were going to set up the stakes of a villain and a conspiracy, the stakes would just not be real unless there were some deaths along the way. But the one caveat is, on a show like Heroes, you may not always [stay] dead. And with our ability to go back and forth in time, you may be dead, but you may show up on the show a few more times.”

The season finale will also set up the show for season two, Kring said. “There is a cliffhanger quality to some of the episode, but more in terms of what is the fate of some of our characters, as opposed to what the story is going to be,” he said. “Although we do have a one, I hope, shocking sort of spoiler for what season two is going to be. A premonition of … what we’re calling volume two.” Heroes, which airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT, returns with the last new episodes of the season on April 23.

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  1. I can’t believe I’m nervous about who is going to get whacked on a TV show. I watched Sopranos for years without such emotion… Okay, no–I was pretty upset about a couple of character deaths.

    The 23rd of April??? Crap.

  2. And why is that they never kill off the characters I don’t like or don’t care about?

    At least I won’t have to catch up on any episodes when I get back from vacation. It’ll start back up 2 days after I get back.

  3. But I like Isaac! It’s Peter I don’t care if he lives or dies.

    So that’s pretty much it. Peter lives, Isaac dies. And probably Nikki too because she’s my favorite.

    I hate this “reality television” bit. “People die.” True. *People* die. Characters don’t. Geez, check out Spenser in the Robert B Parker novels. I don’t think the guy even ages. James Bond? Not dead.

    Not that I’m bitter or anything.

    This is exactly what killed Lost for me. Well, that and boring newcomers.

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