Smallville Thoughts/Rants

… from last night’s Lex and Lana wedding:

I had my fingers crossed the whole time, hoping they’d kill-off Lana! That would have made the show for me. But then, I absolutely loathe her.

I mean give me a break. Grow up and move on, Clark. How many times are you going to let her break your heart? And you still want her? Right.

It’s about time they start in on the Lois & Clark relationship. The Lana relationship has been run into the ground, dug up, and beat with a dead horse.

So long Lana Luthor. When she was crying, I was smiling… or rolling my eyes.

… End of rant.

Favorite part of last night:

– Lionel has become the most interesting and mysterious character. You never know what he’s going to do.

10 thoughts on “Smallville Thoughts/Rants”

  1. I did not get to watch it. I need to download it tonight. I agree, as hot as she is, I am tired of Lana. I wonder when they will shift the story to Metropolis? It seems to have stagnated a bit in Smallville.

  2. I agree with it being stagnated. A fellow co-worker, who is a sci fi buff like me, just started watching it this season. He was excited when the “justice league” were showing up- but now it feels like a soap oprea to him. I must agree.

    I think they need to either get him in Metropolis, like Ron said, or go with the Justice League angle.

  3. I didn’t watch it. I know I should have… maybe I’ll look it up online. But I just got so tired of the Lana thing… she could never make up her mind!

    I agree with you that they should start the Lois relationship. Move him forward some!

  4. I was a die-hard Clana fan up until this season. But even though I know Clark and Lana aren’t meant to be together, I still didn’t want her to marry that evil, evil, man who goes by the name of Lex Luthor.

    Poor Lana.

  5. Lana got what she deserved. May she be miserable for the rest of her married life.

    Off topic, don’t you find it stupid that Luthor still allows Clark to come into his mansion uninvited? It’s becoming like a Seinfeld-Kramer arrangement.

  6. I spent all last summer catching up on the last three years I’d been away from Smallville. I watched the first hand full of episodes for this season and was so annoyed by Lana that I quit. I’m thinking I’ll wait till the end of this season and watch all the episodes in a row. At least that way I can move through the nightmare in swift fashion.

    Explain to me why they killed off Johnathan Kent and kept Lana around? Talk about misplaced loyalties.

  7. I agree. I can’t stand Lana. Move on to Lois already. I thought I was the only one that didn’t like Lana. Glad to know there are others out there that are rooting for Lois to get more air time.

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