Highlander Reboot

SciFiWire reports that McKidd may be the next Highlander.

Summit Entertainment intends to revamp the Highlander franchise with a new film, and will most likely be returning to medieval Scotland.

As a huge fan of last year’s Journeyman (which was cancelled much too soon), I would love to see Kevin McKidd as MacLeod. And that McKidd is Scottish is another bonus. After The Source, I was afraid the franchise would lay dormant for a while. As much as I loved the first Highlander movie, as well as the TV series, I do think it’s time for a revamp.

3 thoughts on “Highlander Reboot”

  1. Can we just pretend The Source never happened? *Ugh* that thing was terrible.

    Kevin McKidd is a terrific choice for Highlander, I hope he takes the deal.

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