21 thoughts on “Highlander: The Source”

  1. Thanks for posting this! I had heard rumblings about this Highlander offering, but never knew when and where (tv/theater) it was going to be showing. This is great!

  2. I loved the original movie but missed the entire series. I worked at a theatre at the time and missed all prime time programming. But this seems to have interesting backstory stuff.

  3. I LOVE highlander (and adrian paul) but my response to this movie (the leaked version) was hysterical laughter followed by depression. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I’m still afraid to watch the supposedly recut version that aired on saturday.

  4. The film was OK. I was very disappointed that the theme song Princess of the Universe that is done by Queen and is in almost all the highlander movies and TV series is done by somebody else! Its not even close. That made me mad. I agree with the others on this forum, it jumps all over. The ending was bad too. I wish I could have written the story.

  5. The movie was terrible. I think they have ruined the series. It is easily as bad as Highlander II. They left themselves nowhere to go with this franchise. It had to go direct to TV as only a small group would have paid to see this movie. It saddens me that someone didnt realize the script and plot were weak and save it. I seriously thought they could improve on Endgame but they really blew it.

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