The Electric Church

The Electric Church is a new title by Jeff Somers, being released by Orbit Books this September.

In a rough and seemingly hopeless future, Avery Cates is a hired assassin. Constantly on the run from the authorities, Cates begins to uncover a large-scale conspiracy involving a growing religion called the Electric Church. Its converts become “immortal” by becoming cyborgs, with only their brains placed in enhanced bodies.

At first, I was bothered with the continuous swearing in the dialog, a bit like a Quentin Tarantino film. But the dialog adds to the gritty, noir feel. This is a dark, intense and suspenseful novel that had me on the edge of my seat. The cyborg Monks are as frightening as bad guys get. And the anti-hero, Cates is has a conscience despite his ruthless profession.

With the amount of suspense and surprises, this story is guaranteed excitement.

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10 thoughts on “The Electric Church”

  1. My only pet peeve with Orbit is that I hate their book covers. I didn’t realized they were putting manga covers on the romance action books until someone pointed out that the books I was dismissing as manga stories were really romance novels. I was like “WTF?”

  2. Unlike Tempest Knight I really like the Orbit covers. Are the romance ones he’s talking about the Dante Valentine? I don’t think those look like Manga art at all.

    This one sounds good too. I haven’t heard anything about it though until now.

  3. I’m in the middle of this one. It’s pretty good so far 🙂 As far as the cover for the book, I love it! Of course, I’m also a fan of Jae Lee’s artwork so I could be a bit prejudiced…

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