Incredible Hulk

I just read in the latest edition of SciFi Magazine that Edward Norton has been cast by Marvel Studios to play Bruce Banner in the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie!

Set for a June 13, 2008 release, this latest installment will supposedly be “less self-serious and more in line with the comic series and TV show.”

When I talked to Lou Ferrigno at the Motor City Comic Con, he said that he’ll be in the upcoming movie as well.

Edward Norton is an amazing actor. And since they signed him on, I’m actually going to have higher hopes for this next one.
…Even though Hulk bombed and was a major disappointment.

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  1. I heard about this remake a while back. I’m not sure if I’m ready for another Hulk movie. I originally heard that it was going to be a complete remake, as if the first Hulk movie never too place. Kinda like, “Oops… that first one never happened. Please ignore it.” But now I see, according to it’s a regular sequel. We shall see.

  2. I didn’t mind the first Hulk movie, but it wasn’t my favourite. I’ll give this one a shot because I like Norton, but I’m not sure if I’ll see it in the theatre. We’ll see once the previews start to hit.

  3. I must be one of the few people in the world to have enjoyed Hulk, although I’m not a huge Hulk fan in general. Norton is a great actor though, so I’ll be checking this out.

  4. Fence – On an unrelated note, the past few times I’ve tried to get to your site it hasn’t worked.. Either really slow loading or won’t load at all. Is it just me?

  5. I like Bana and the Hulk, but I have to admit the first Hulk movie was awful. They just tried too hard to make it dramatic, which is a bit silly when you consider the fact that your main hero is a giant green guy whose famous line is “Hulk smash!”

    A lighter tone might help, plus Norton is an amazing actor. You’re raising my hopes for this one.


  6. Ed Norton is a versatile actor who can play anything from the creepy traitor in The Italian Job to the sensitive leader in Kingdom of Heaven. Of course, he was awesome in The Illusionist.

  7. The only chance they have of this not flopping is getting a good quality actor in the role, and E. Norton fits the bill. Now hopefully the script will be written by someone with some talent.

  8. Hmm, you’re the first to mention any problems. I do know that the server peeps upgraded something or other last week. Maybe you were trying then?

  9. every Marvel franchise deserves a second or even a third or fourth chance……..DC returned Batman to glory with the last movie……

  10. Ed Norton’s excellent and will add the required intensity to the role that Bana totally lacked. In fact, the odd facial expression by Bana would have been appreciated!

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