13 of the 4400

Over the past 50 years, people from all across America and overseas have been abducted in a shaft of light. On July 11th, 2004, what looks to be a comet falling to earth, deposits 4400 people on the shore of Highland Beach in Washington. None of the returnees have aged nor can recall anything since the time they were taken. And many are beginning to show signs of strange abilities…

Counting down to the season 4 premier of The 4400 on Sunday June 17th, here are 13 of the abducted and returned 4400 and their abilities:

Shawn Farrell
1. Sean Farrell (Patrick Flueger) – Shawn was at a campsite with his cousin Kyle talking about his neighbor when a light appeared. It was trying to take Kyle, but Shawn shoved him out of it. The future never wanted Shawn, but since he was the one who was taken he became a 4400. Shawn is the only unintended abuductee to be featured on the show. Kyle was left comatose from the ordeal and Shawn went missing until he was returned three years later. Though everything initially appears normal, Shawn soon finds himself with the power to both heal and do harm (he can drain beings of power just as much as he can restore people).
Abducted: Accidentally on April 22, 2001 – Highland Beach
Ability: Life force manipulation: capable of healing or harming with just his touch.
Status: In A Coma

Richard Tyler
2. Richard Tyler (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali) – Upon his initial arrival into quarantine, Richard found himself strangely drawn to a woman named Lily Moore. It was soon revealed that Lily was the granddaughter of the woman Richard was involved with, and connection between the two would continue to grow. Additionally, unknown to the two of them, while abducted, they conceived a child together, which will become the little girl known as Isabelle Tyler.
Abducted: May 11, 1951 – Sinanju, Korea
Ability: Telekinesis
Status: Alive

Jordan Collier
3. Jordan Collier (Billy Campbell) – Prior to his abduction, Jordan Collier was a successful businessman whose wealth derived largely from real estate transactions. After returning, Collier organized the 4400 and rallied them to “create a world of our own.” He met with a group at the return site and spoke on behalf of the 4400 on national news programs. He created Arcadia Estates, held meetings at his mansion place, and helped then struggling 4400 Shawn Farrell.

He established The 4400 Center and the associated movement, creating a place where The 4400 could live in peace, and promising non-4400s ways to access the “4400 abilities within themselves” (in return, of course, for substantial fees and donations to the center). He also made Shawn heal people for donations. Collier was “assassinated” by NTAC agent Tom Baldwin’s son Kyle, but during the eulogy delivered by his successor Shawn Farrell, it became clear that his body had disappeared from its casket.

Glimpses of a ragged and bearded figure at the end of Mommy’s Bosses, photographs in the New World, and then again at Shawn Farrell and Isabelle Tyler’s wedding in The Starzl Mutation proved to the world that Jordan Collier was not dead. Following the media recognition of a resurrected Collier, he began to achieve messiah-like status among 4400s and non-4400s alike.
Abducted: April 10, 2002 – New York, New York
Ability: Unknown. But Collier’s ability has something to do with promicin.
Status: Returned from the dead

Maia Rutledge
4. Maia Rutledge Skouris (Conchita Campbell) – Maia Rutledge Skouris is the first known abductee, and given the date of her abduction, she is returned to the present with her family dead and gone. Alone in the world, she is kept confined at a 4400 research facility until a foster family decides to adopt her. Maia doesn’t stay with the family long as they have a hard time handling Maia’s abilities, which include being able to see the future. After bearing witness to her mistreatment at the facility, Diana Skouris decides to take her home and then finally ends up adopting her. During all the major plot points of the 4400’s first two seasons, Maia has always been the first to predict future events. Lately, she has been writing down her visions in a diary.
Abducted: March 3, 1946 – Crescent City, California
Ability: Precognition
Status: Alive

Lily Tyler
5. Lily Moore Tyler (Laura Allen) – When Lily was abducted, she was happily married, and had only recently had a daughter named Heidi. All of that was promptly stripped from her the day she was taken. Lily returned with her husband having moved on, and her daughter being told that she wasn’t her mom. With no place in the world, she turned to Richard Tyler, a fellow abuctee, for support. Lily found herself becoming attached to Richard and the two would learn that they were closer than they thought, since Lily was pregnant with Richard’s baby. They soon married. After giving birth to Isabelle Tyler, Lily found herself sensing things her child was thinking.
Abducted: May 26, 1993 – Orlando, Florida
Ability: Psychic bond with baby Isabelle. Possibly Empathy or Telepathy without inhibitor
Status: Dead

Alana Mareva
6. Alana Mareva (Karina Lombard) – Alana Mareva is a 4400 who was introduced during a “what if” episode, which actually ended up being her power – to create alternate realities as a very realistic hallucination.
Abducted: September 5, 2001 – Seattle, Washington
Ability: Alternate reality creation
Status: Re-abducted

Carl Morrissey
7. Carl Morrissey (David Eigenberg) – Carl Morrissey was a 4400 with the abilities of enhanced strength and reflexes. A fishmonger at a local supermarket, he quickly took advantage of his abilites and became a vigilante, attempting to clean up the crime in his neighborhood. He soon learned that he wasn’t invincible, and paid for it with his life when he was stabbed while fighting criminals. Soon after his death, his neighborhood banded together to rid itself of crime.
Abducted: February 16, 2003 – Seattle, Washington
Ability: Enhanced reflexes and strength
Status: Dead

Healther Tobey
8. Heather Tobey (Kathryn Gordon) – Heather Tobey is a 4400 school teacher with a special gift of allowing people to realize their full potential with regard to any special talent they may have. Things go bad when a student of her’s named Greg Venner doesn’t seem to have any potential for realization. Currently, she works at The 4400 Center teaching children.
Abducted: March 2, 1974
Ability: Able to unlock hidden, or latent talents in others.
Status: Alive

Gary Navarro
9. Gary Navarro (Sharif Atkins) – Gary Navarro was a minor league baseball player with a shot at the major league prior to his abduction. Upon his return, he found that he had the ability to hear others’ thoughts. At first, he had trouble controlling his ability, flooding his mind with everyone’s thoughts. This leads him to NTAC, where he is given medication to tune out the noise. NTAC decides to use his ability to their advantage by planting him in The 4400 Center, but he is soon found out by Collier when he bursts into one of Collier’s private meetings. Collier then sends him a telepathic message asking him to join the winning side on the war of The 4400.
Abducted: January 5, 1973
Ability: Telepathy
Status: Fugitive

Edwin Mayuya
10. Edwin Mayuya (Hill Harper) – When first encountered, Edwin Mayuya is working as a nurse. After several children who had been diagnosed with incurable genetic disorders were born healthy at the hospital in which he worked, NTAC sent Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris to investigate. They soon learned that Edwin possessed the ability to rewrite genetic errors in unborn children, but he asked that the information not be made public, saying that he did not want to be in the public eye.
Abducted: February 24, 1996
Ability: Can correct genetic defects in utero
Status: Unknown

Orson Bailey
11. Orson Bailey (Michael Moriarty) – Orson Bailey was a life insurance salesman and partner in Kensington & Bailey until his disappearance in 1979. He married his wife Elizabeth on June 11, 1943. His telekinesis is of a magnitude to cause tremors in immediate vicinity and shatter objects (e.g. glass, bones). The ability does cause Orson to suffer nosebleeds, and he has shown an inability to control this power.
Abducted: June 11, 1979 – Tacoma, WA
Ability: Telekinesis
Status: Alive

Tess Doerner
12. Tess Doerner (Summer Glau) – Tess Doerner was a mental patient at Abendson Psychiatric Hospital who convinces all those around her, including Tom Baldwin, to help her build a device that supposedly would contact people from the future. Even though NTAC attempts to stop them, Tom eventually convinces Nina Jarvis to let them continue. When the device is complete it apparently does nothing, until they find that mental hospital patient Kevin Burkhoff has recovered.
Abducted: April 3, 1955 – Abendson Psychiatric Hospital
Ability: Power of Persuasion. Tess has the ability to compel others to act out whatever she commands either through psionic or auditory means.
Status: Alive

Oliver Knox
13. Oliver Knox (Lee Tergesen) – Prior to his disappearance, Knox was suspected of being the Friday Harbor Killer, a serial killer who targeted prostitutes. After he was abducted, the murders mysteriously stopped. When he was returned, the killings began again. However, with his newfound ability, he was able to continue his killing spree by persuading other people to carry out and confess to the murders, simply by talking to them. However, he was only able to do this by convincing them that they were the original Friday Harbor Killer, and it was due to this that Tom and Diana eventually caught on, and he was brought to justice. He is currently detained in a sound-proof cell at NTAC.
Abducted: August 22, 1983 – Friday Harbor, WA
Ability: Irresistable Persuasion (limits unknown)
Status: In custody

Source: http://www.the4400wiki.org/Portal:Characters

The 4400 airs on Sunday evenings at 8EST on USA.

Here are links to the first 3 seasons now available on DVD:
Season 1
Season 2
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  1. You’re really filling up my Netflix queue. This sounds like an interesting show.

    Poor Summer Glau–seems like she’s always playing a mental patient. 🙂

  2. I agree..NO MORE SHOWS!!! haha..I get the greatest recommendations from this list..this is neat..Happy thursday

  3. I watched the first couple of episodes of this show, but never really got into it, maybe because it was on at a weird time so I kept missing bits. And then would end up bored and not knowing what was going on

  4. I wasn’t sure the 4400 was going to make it at first, but I’m really glad USA kept it on and really made it work. I love that show and can’t wait for the new episodes. Thanks for the quick rundown and reminder of some of the major characters.

  5. I only started watching The 4400 recently when I heard that Summer Glau was in it (and of course she is the one with the coolest talent). But since she is not in every episode I have more or less given up on it again. I don’t even know which season they are showing here at the moment. This being german television, I’d say it can only be season 2 at best. It seems like an interesting concept, but much like with Stargate, it just doesn’t click with me…

  6. The guy on #2, what a name!!! THey ought to have kept his real name on the show and that alone could be his power, if you could pronounce his name you would be granted a wish or blow up or something. I haven’t heard of this show before, have to check it out.

  7. I personally love the show and can’t wait till next season… if you want to catch up on whats going on USA has alot of great information at http://www.promicininfo.com
    It lets you know about the whole Promicin debate that is currently going on within the show and it showcases some pretty cool powers that people are getting from taking the Promicin… USA is definitely keeping it entertaining and creative..

  8. I’ve seen a few episodes of this show. It always looked interesting but never enough to really pick up. How would you compare it to Heroes? Also, have you ever heard of a book series called Wild Cards?


  9. Gal – Like Heroes, the 4400 is character-driven. But there is more of a plot going on in 4400.. and there’s more mystery. I feel vested and so involved with the characters in 4400 that it’s hard for me to compare to Heroes, which has only had the one season with not too much happening yet.

  10. I absolutely loved the first two seasons of 4400, but the third lost me. It became way too Knot’s Landing for my taste.

    I’ll try again this season since Lovely Wife will surely watch, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

    Great list, I always look forward to yours.

  11. I loooooooove the 4400! Not all is broadcasted over here, but I want to have all the seasons on DVD anyway. 🙂
    My TT is about Google & me!

  12. My husband talked about wanting to see this for a while, but we never got around to getting it. I had no idea Hill Harper and Michael Moriarty were in it. I love them both.

    I think my summer TV schedule is filling up!

  13. i haven’t seen this but it sounds incredible. Just started buying tv series on DVD so this needs to go in the buy pile

  14. You know what, I’m going to Tivo this. I’ve been looking for something to watch during the off-season. The commercials intrigued me, and this post made me even more curious.

    Happy TT!

  15. Cool list. I’m not doing much tv watching, but I’ll keep an eye out for the dvds. Happy TT.
    P.S. My list is up.

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