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Dolce Bellezza passed along a fun meme. The idea is to be given a letter, hers was “D”, and then post ten things you like beginning with that letter. At the end of the post, she said she would give interested readers a letter of their own. I landed the letter “S”.

So, here are 10 things beginning with the letter S that I like:

1. Science Fiction – Hence, my moniker. It all started when I saw Star Wars for the first time when I was only 2 years old. If my parents only knew…
2. Sketching – Otherwise, I would have never majored in Art in college. I’ve always loved drawing. But in 6th grade, I drew my first portrait. It was of Spock out of a TV Guide. And I realized it wasn’t half bad. Thus, began my love of drawing faces. All because of Star Trek!
3. Superheroes – Shocker, again, I know. I’ve already posted 13 reasons I love superheroes.
4. Scotland – I was able to tour Europe with my college chorale. Scotland was absolutely breathtaking.
5. Starbucks – No one makes a better non-fat, no-whip, Mocha. And it’s nice to just go sip coffee and read.
6. San Diego – My favorite vacation spot in the US. Perfect weather all year round, with great beaches. I regret ever leaving sometimes.
7. Sailing – Or being on any boat in the water. But there is nothing like the peacefulness of being out on a sailboat in serene waters.
8. Surfing the Net – I waste countless hours over the week. But I also come across a lot of fun blogs.
9. Sweaters – Especially in this time of year. I hate being cold, so I love wearing soft, warm sweaters.
10. Soccer – I love watching it, not playing it. In fact, it’s probably the only sport I don’t need to be persuaded to watch on tv.

This was suprisingly easy. I think that Bellezza was being nice when she gave me that letter!

If you want a letter of your own, leave a comment letting me know. And I’ll assign one to you.

15 thoughts on “Letter Meme”

  1. Angela, I think it was “surprisingly easy” because you’re amazingly smart. I never would have thought of all those s words, and from the little I know of you so far, they seem to fit you perfectly. It was great fun reading your responses. Thanks for playing!

  2. Nicely done! Don’t know if it was intentional or not but I like how each items seems to seque into the next. The only hard thing about the letter thing would be stopping with 10!

  3. My earliest memory of liking sci fi/fantasy was my parents watching Star Wars too. I don’t know how old I was, but I remember the scene where R2-D2 and C were walking across the desert. I credit it for starting my love too. 🙂

  4. Good list. I agree with most of what youput up there, except sweaters. I hate them. I have been a sci-fi junky since Star Wars too. I saw it with my parents and have been hooked ever since.

  5. S for Sci Fi? For you? Who knew? lol.

    I’m with everything on your list but San Diego. Loved the Zoo, hated the weather. Far too warm. Scotland! I still have to see Scotland.

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