Lord of the Libraries

The Lord of the Libraries follows The Rover and The Destruction of the Books in Mel Odom’s fantasy series.

Again, following the tale of librarian and adventurer Juhg, the endearing dweller must set off on the most difficult journey of his life. The Library of All Known Knowledge has been destroyed, Grandmagister Wick has been kidnapped, and Juhg has been sent off to find the legendary Book of Time. While Juhg would rather try to rescue the grandmagister, his cohorts (comprised of a ragtag lot of humans, dwarves, elves, and a wizard) convince him that he must go after the book instead. More lives are at stake than just the grandmagister’s.

The Book of Time is a dangerous book with considerable power. The book was broken in to four parts and hidden away separately. Juhg must decipher clues and track down the pieces of the Book of Time before other groups with more nefarious plans can get their hands on it.

The Lord of the Libraries is even more exciting than the previous installments. Odom has written another wonderful story, full of adventure, humor and fantasy. Continued in the recently release Quest for the Trilogy, I hope he continues writing tales set in this fantasy world for quite a while.

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8 thoughts on “Lord of the Libraries”

  1. Glad James was able to help you resurrect last night. I was there to witness it all (happened in my abode)…it was exciting stuff to behold! 😉

  2. LOL.. yeah. I was trying to upgrade wordpress on my own, so I wouldn’t have to bug him.. So much for that!
    And thank goodness I figured out the html code to fix my header this morning.
    I’m wanting to update my look, but I think I’ll stick to updating the current theme instead of trying to re-learn a new one! 😛

  3. It is very annoying when series sound good and the first book is out-of-print. Thanks for the recommendation, though, I have never heard of this series before and I hadn’t been reading your blog when you reviewed book one and two. 🙂

  4. Ohhh! I am really glad to see this review!! I just ordered the whole trilogy! Book one I had to get from “used” but it came looking brand new! The other two haven’t arrived yet..

    Just by what you wrote I know I will enjoy these books! Thanks!

  5. Kailana – I’ve only found these books on Amazon and other discount bookstores online.. But I didn’t mind, since they were cheaper that way. 😉

    deslily – I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. My sister and brother-in-law do, and they’re just now starting to get into reading fantasy/scifi.

    Amy – I love that show. Right now, I’m obsessed with Kyle XY.. Season 2 starts next Monday, and I’ve been busy catching up. I’ve spent money downloading episodes I’ve missed off iTunes. And come to find out, they’re doing a marathon on Sunday. Figures!

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