Motor City Comic Con 08 Experience

Last weekend was another great time at the annual Motor City Comic Con. As always, there were a lot of great media guests, eccentric fans dressed as random characters (most were cringe-worthy), loads of comic artists and creators, and vendors packed together like sardines.

My first stop at the media guest tables this year was Cliff Simon, who plays the character “Ba’al” on Stargate: SG-1. He was very friendly and sweet. My crush on him definitely grew after that experience. His South African accent aided that too. Cliff also talked to us a bit about the upcoming Stargate: Continuum movie. He wouldn’t tell us what happens to his character. But when I asked about the clones, he did say that there wouldn’t be any others left by the end of the movie. He seemed excited about the premise, where his character travels back in time to stop the Stargate program from ever happening.

Cliff Simon and I

Anthony Montgomery was another fun and outgoing actor. Anthony played Ensign Travis Mayweather on Star Trek: Enterprise. In this photo, he wanted to try taking the picture himself. It turned out pretty well!

Anthony Montgomery and I

Next to his table was another Trek personality – Avery Brooks, who played Captain Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space 9. His table always had a long line attached to it. But I was pleased to find that he spent time chatting with each fan and was very gracious and charming. He told us that he had just finished up a 6-month run in a Washington theater and was now taking a break. With that deep, powerful voice, I’d love to see him perform live.

Avery Brooks and I

Walter Koenig (Chekov from the original Star Trek) was also there. I had him sign a photo of us from last year’s Grand Slam Convention in LA. But I forgot to snap a photo of him this time.

And of course, the person I was most excited about meeting was Billy Dee Williams, whom I’ve had a crush on since I was very young. Lando Calrissian, from The Empire Strikes Back, had that irresistible, bad-boy charm coupled with good looks. While talking to him, I’m sure I had a silly fangirl grin on my face the entire time. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to be doing well. He didn’t move or talk much. I’m hoping it was just a little fatigue.

Billy Dee Williams and I

Another real treat was Margot Kidder, whom everyone remembers fondly as Lois Lane from the original Superman movies. She also had a brief guest appearance on Smallville. Kidder was wonderfully spunky and friendly. I love meeting these childhood icons who turn out to be so down-to-earth and gracious.

Margot Kidder and I

Speaking of childhood icons, I don’t know if this picture needs any explanation:

Erik Estrada and I

Yes, that’s Erik Estrada, “Ponch” from CHiPs. He was very gregarious and, um, affectionate.

And I was able to meet up with my friend SolShine7 this year. We had a great time hanging out and visiting the different booths.

Karen and I

And here are some shots of some of the rest of the media guests. It was wonderful meeting them as well and discussing their current projects:

Juliet Landau

Joe Pantoliano

Micky Dolenz

Martin Klebba

Felix Silla

19 thoughts on “Motor City Comic Con 08 Experience”

  1. Hey! I didn’t know you were from the Detroit area! That’s cool to know. I was supposed to be there on Saturday but had too many obligations with an upcoming wedding so I had to miss out. Looks like you had a good time.

    Take care!

    Lisa Trevethan

  2. My hubby volunteer at the Motor City Con all weekend and was working at the Crazy Eddie’s Comic table. It was his birthday on Saturday and he spent all day Friday, Sat and Sun there. He had the best birthday weekend he said. I didn’t go this year. Cliff Simon would have been a blast to see. I heard he had a panel. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  3. I wish I could have gone!! *sigh* I couldn’t swing it. Dang.

    DANG!! Margot Kidder I adored her when I was a child. How I wanted to be her! 🙂

  4. hi angela, i was there on Sunday, so i missed billy dee =0(..
    my sister had the nerve to be married on Saturday. sunday, there was very little waiting in any line, so that was a nice change. sorry to have missed you, i would have liked to have said hi. I was told by the production manager that there will only be 1 con a year now there. but if you go to, you will see numerous venues for cons….never heard of them before, but the conventions are numerous, and spread all over the place. cliff simon was very nice, and he did mention that Stargate: Universe is going to be started… a new series, can’t wait for that. glad you had fun, i did too. see you next year hopefully! take care.

  5. Thanks all! It was a blast!

    Melgaye – I wish I would have gotten to see Cliff Simon’s panel too!

    Amy – Next year you better come!

    Jeff – I wondered where you were! Sorry you missed Billy Dee.. That was surreal, meeting someone I’ve been a fan of for as long as I can remember!

  6. Hey, I was at the Motor City Con on Sunday. My first convention actually. A lot of no-shows but still very fun. Great pictures.

  7. As always I love living vicariously through you and your pix and con reports. Great stuff as always. You must have a really good camera because it never fails that whoever is taking your pix gets really good shots.

  8. Scott – Yeah, Saturday is always the best day to go!

    Carl – Thanks! Yeah, I just got a new camera again this year. Last year’s were too blurry at times. This one is a Canon SmartShot or something like that, with an image stabilizer. It’s hard to take a bad photo with it! I love it!

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