The Crystal Skull

The Crystal Skullem>, by Manda Scott

As a wedding gift, Kitt brings his new wife Stella to a cave where he believes Cedric Owen’s legendary crystal skull is located. But when they find the skull, their lives are endangered. Someone is willing to kill to get his hands on it. And supposedly the skull has a curse on it. Can Stella uncover the truth behind the skull and get the skull to its resting place before time runs out?

The narrative jumps back and forth in time from Cedric Owen’s time and destiny involving the crystal skull to Stella and her search for the truth and her own destiny. While some of the adventure surrounding the mystery of the skull was exciting and fun; unfortunately, this book didn’t live up to the hype. The characters were all one-dimensional. And we are expected to believe that the pull of the crystal skull, though extremely valuable, evokes an emotional response in everyone who sees it. There is little to no explanation of how the skulls came to be, what they are really for, and how they are supposed to affect the supposed end of the world. This story had great promise for an archeological thriller. Instead, it was dull and disappointing.

I usually don’t post negative reviews, as I don’t usually finish books that I don’t enjoy. But I actually finished this one, hoping there would be some resolution. I’m sorry to say that even the ending was an anti-climactic whimper.

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  1. Do a search for it. I know it was reshowing again… maybe it was Tuesday (tomorrow) at 8pm?????

    Just be warned **G** there were some ahhhh…. interesting theories. 😉

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